Our top tips for finding affordable, amazing quality treatments

If you are currently on a budget and are looking for good value treatments, you can check the prices of your local therapists, and current and ongoing offers. Don’t be worried about booking therapists who offer lower prices, or who have ongoing offers. Every single therapist on our website is amazing (we mean it, look at everyone’s testimonials!), but therapists might opt to keep their prices low for various reasons.

The reason that some of our therapists are offering discounts might be that they have set up their businesses fairly recently and are looking to build their client base, or started a new treatment space and are looking to spread the word.. At the beginning of their careers/when they set up in a new space, every client they massage is essentially advertising for them, and they need to get the word out! Or we occasionally do a limited-time offer if we need a boost to our client base as gradually some clients move away, some resolve their previously ongoing issues so need less frequent treatments etc.

Some of our therapists are also very conscious about keeping their treatments as affordable as possible for all, so you will occasionally find experienced therapists who offer low cost treatments e.g. at a designated treatment room in their home, so that they can afford to keep their treatment prices as low as possible. If you are looking for a good value treatment, read the therapist’s bios, and see what they say, whether you think that their approach might work for you, what kind of background, life experience and training they have.. You’ll often find that their prices are pretty low given their experience! But perhaps their treatment room is at home, or at a low cost area etc.

If you sign up for our newsletter or follow our social media, we also let our friends know when there are offers or new therapists in their areas. And we occasionally remind you about amazing therapists in your area too.

We also occasionally organise clinic days, where we invite the community to receive more affordable treatments, and those might be publicised on our social media and mailing list, if they are not filled through word of mouth before we get to posting about them!