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Rita Petrova

I am so grateful to Despina for the Ayurvedic Yoga Massage level 1-2 course! I am very satisfied with the course for many reasons. First, the atmosphere was very friendly and supportive. The group was small, we were only 8. We learned theory, then tried to practise and swapped, asking questions and getting answers. I learned a lot about massage, anatomy, the human body, and other different important things about how to do it right, step by step. Each moment of these days was very useful because of the high level, excellent teaching. Also I have met new friends with the same interest and passion. And what amazing organic food chosen by Despina we had for lunch and breaks! I really enjoyed it! And of course the main thing is that I have enough knowledge to start my practice offering separate AYM sessions or combining it with my yoga privates. One small thing more is that I became more conscious and stopped rushing. I found more meditative way to work, which makes me feel happier.

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Christina Bolt

“I was lucky enough to attend Levels 1-4 in Greece with Despina. Not only is she a fantastic teacher, creating easy to follow content and notes but also a fantastic host. I’ve rarely eaten such wonderful food, the beaches were beautiful, the villages we visited all unique and lovely and the people open and generous.

I learnt so much in those 2 weeks it’s almost hard to believe! Back home Despina stays in contact to help with any future learning, gives tips for setting up your business and has brought me in contact with a whole new group of wonderful people as a support network. Fantastic!”

Christina Bolt

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Filipa Pinto

Despina is a great teacher. I enjoyed doing L1-2 and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to do this life changing course. I also believe this is the most complete and effective massage course I have done.

Filipa Pinto

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Laura Kay

I recently attended an Ayurvedic Yoga Massage workshop with Despina. It was great! We covered neck and head massage. She demonsrated the techniques very well, so it was easy to understand and remember. She is a great teacher and I look forward to learning more from her.”

Laura Kay, In Touch Leeds

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Gerry Turvey

I recently attended one of Despina’s 4 hour massage workshops. She created a warm welcoming atmosphere and made everyone feel comfortable as soon as we arrived. Her explanations, insights and demonstrations were all clearly put across and everyone had enough time to practice. She was encouraging and helped everyone to get the most out of the afternoon.

I gained some useful techniques, in a short space of time. I would however suggest you have time to put some of these techniques into practice after the workshop….a bonus for friends and family!

Highly recommended, I felt wonderful afterwards, and enjoyed meeting new people. Well worth it! Thanks Despina”

Gerry Turvey, Yoga teacher and choreographer

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When I decided to start a massage course I had no idea where and what I wanted to do. Took me a while to find this amazing massage and a good friend to recommend me Despina as a teacher and a guide into my journey. She is a wonderful person and her energy is pure and authentic.

I was looking for a teacher with a good soul and a big heart. Patience and calm. Someone that i can feel comfortable around and in the same time someone that actually care for their passion.
Meeting Despina was the best thing for me as she’s got everything I’ve asked for.

Thank you Despina for the wonderful experience and the lovely vibes of Chios! I loved every single minute spend around you, the other students and your lovely family.

Deciding to come and do the full course with you was the best thing I have done for myself, the best investment in myself, as now I’m absolutely loving it.
Love your patience to teach and your freedom of sharing your knowledge with me.

Thank you for the lovely food, thank you for taking us around the island, thank you for your kindness and thank you for your time

I highly recommend Despina, her treatments and courses to anyone who is looking to do something amazing for themselves.

Oana Paunas

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Great experience! I attended the Head, neck and face workshop and definitely would recommend it. It made me very excited to give more massages to my friends and family and learn more. I have no previous experience with learning massage technique (apart from nice looking youtube videos). I think Despina is a great teacher. The 4 hour workshop was well structured and planned, we had time to receive some theoretical knowledge, watch her demonstrate the technique, practice on each other and share our reflections and feedback at the end of the session. Very impressive planning I think! She brought a printed guide with photos and instructions for everyone – which I loved (you can take your own notes or write directly in the guide). She brought shared lunch so we had time to socialize, eat and get to know each other little bit more. I really liked her open approach to everyone’s own techniques, tastes and needs. Overall fantastic experience.

Jaroslava Tomanova, Student Leeds University

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For quite some time I had a little inner voice telling me to experience an Ayurvedic Yoga Massage session or workshop. I believe that everything is incredibly aligned and I finally got the chance to do a back and shoulders workshop with Despina. She is an incredible and passionate teacher with the warmest personality, a beautiful technique and attention to detail and she makes you feel confident and supported throughout the session! I totally recommend AYM and Despina’s workshops – I am already booked for the next head, shoulders, neck and face workshop and looking at doing the level 1-2 in the near future!

Sandra Batista

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The 4 hour Back and Shoulder Ayurvedic Yoga Massage that I attended at ‘The Shala’ far exceeded my expectations. The atmosphere, intimate group size and the attention to detail combined with the warmth of delivery was superb.

Despina is a skilled and knowledgable practitioner and this is totally embodied in the way she shares so passionately during the training. I look forward to doing more workshops and would recommend this workshop highly to yogis, massage therapists and any other bodyworkers.

Yasmine Khan, Yoga Teacher

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I really enjoyed learning AYM with Despina, she is extremely knowledgeable and has a wealth of experience that she is able to pass on. The courses are informative, and practical with loads of hand-on practice. I learnt so much! And I thoroughly enjoyed them!

Amanda Crossfield, Leeds

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Despina’s AYM teaching has given me the skills to practice on different bodies in a safe and sensitive way. I always come away from her classes feeling good in my own body too!

Alison Grace, Choreographer

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Over the past two years, I have attended a weekend intro course, several 4-hour workshops and L1-2 courses with Despina. It has been just been amazing! Her teaching technique which is very hands-on combined with her knowledge and reassurance has given me confidence in my new found skill. I was able to give sessions to friends just after a few days practice.

Nawal Careem

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Just completed the AYM L1 / L2 training with Despina, I loved the relaxed atmosphere and her hands-on approach to teaching. It quickly became apparent that not only was Despina an amazing massage therapist, she was also a natural teacher which allowed myself and the other students to quickly gain confidence in what we were doing. The combination of demonstration, detailed handouts and frequent massage practise sessions worked brilliantly. Whether you’re a massage therapist looking to learn AYM or just looking to add to your life skills I would highly recommend attending one of Despina’s workshops or training courses.

Alastair Findlay, Therapist, Aberdeen

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Despina is a 5 star teacher no doubt about it. She is welcoming, personable and very approachable. She is very generous too! Generous with her knowledge, her skills, her time, as well as all the yummy food she provided us with during the level 1-2 training! While she taught the class she found time to sort out my Psoas which had been making me very miserable. All in a day’s work for Despina!

Silvia Maquirriain, AYM Therapist, London

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I’d been looking for a massage course for a long time before finding Despina. Nothing had felt right before. I was looking for a teacher who was wise, experienced, has a heart for people, and an instinctive way of responding to health and the body. Despina is all of those things. She is very knowledgable, and that shines through. She really knows her craft and cares about people and those she is passing it on to. She believes in what she does, and having spent a week with her, feeling the impact of this approach – so do I. I have left the course really excited about sharing, and feeling confident to do so. Not only have I learnt loads, I feel like I’ve been on the most amazing retreat.

Michelle Owen

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Kat Kafka

Yoga Teacher, Morocco

“Harriet’s sunny disposition and natural demeanour made me feel the good vibes right from the beginning of the treatment. She seems to be intuitively connected with the human body, knows where to press and where to sooth. She responds and treats the aches and pains with a gentle yet strong touch. I have a sensitive lower back and few other issues, but Harriet made my muscles so relaxed and her touch feels very healing. I felt that she loves what she does and she gives directly from her heart. I give 10 out of 10 and hope to see you soon for another divine massage! Thank you”

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Hélène Lo

Head of Product data at L’ORÉAL Competitive Martial Artist

Joy is the most caring massage therapist I’ve ever come across. She will go the extra mile to understand your body mechanics and try to untie your knots in the long run. Don’t be fooled by her petite frame, she actually has the strength of a professional male wrestler when she needs to.

As a very competitive martial artist, my body very often requires maintenance. Having someone who knows my long term injuries and my muscle structure is invaluable.She has helped me keep my body proficient in the run up to competitions and also recover faster during the off season.

Whether you’re a professional athlete, working in an office all day or a busy stay-at-home mum, Joy will be able to relieve the pressure and stress from your day to day life with her magical hands!

I couldn’t recommend her more, you will feel the benefit of her massages over time!

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Joy has been my masseuse for the last year, as I have lower back/sciatica issues along with very tight shoulders. I have always lived in London, and it has been very difficult to find a good masseuse. I need deep tissue massages to relieve tension in my back and have seen many therapists over the years with little success. I was recommended Joy by my trainer and she exceeded my expectations. Joy consistently provides massages at an excellent standard, listens to your needs and provides helpful advice on stretches that can be done in your own time . . . She is very active in developing her skills which is reflective in her treatments. Highly recommend!

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Aaron Hinchliffe

Head Muay Thai Instructor at London Fight Factory, Competitive Martial Artist

After having spend the majority of my life as a competitive athlete, i’ve accumulated many different injuries and problems with my body’s performance over the years. I had been really turned off my sports massage in the UK after a few bad experiences, and so saved my money for training trips abroad where I would get massages as and when I could. Before a recent competition I came across The Little Satori and decided to give their deep tissue massage a try as it was so convenient to reach from my house (I live in the area). Without a doubt this was the best massage I ever had. My therapist Joy greeted me at the door and immediately made me feel at ease with her demeanour (other professional massage studios often can be a little clinical, in my experience). After filling out a quick form and a chat about my issues, Joy set me up on the massage table in her quiet and very comfortable studio. Not only was she incredibly knowledgeable about the body, she was able to zero in on all my issues very quickly and by the end had me feeling relaxed, looser and even a little energised by the whole experience. I will definitely be going back to The Little Satori soon, and I think I’ve already recommended Joy to all my friends and family. You won’t regret making a booking here.

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Vidushi Jain

Joy has been my therapist for quite sometime now. I get regular massage done and after a lot of sessions with various therapists I decided to hold on to Joy. I personally think she’s excellent in her field and knows exactly how to make you feel relaxed and calm. The after effects of the session prove the sincerity with which Joy does her job. I absolutely love her!!! I wish her all the success, health and wealth in the years to come!!!

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“Thank you so much for the massage.This is the first time in a very very long time I’ve woken up without a headache”

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“I have experienced probably one of the best massages I have had. It was relaxing and full of strength. Ioana asked me if I had any problem areas that she could concentrate more on. I had a pain on my lower right side of my back and she really took that into consideration. Working thoroughly but carefully on my tender muscles Oana was able to decrease my pain dramatically.

Oana works very delicately and peacefully making sure she is aware of her own strength and how much the client can handle. Oana works beautifully with her clients and I feel she really cares. There is so much passion that she doesn’t even realise that she might have gone overtime! I love the fact that it is not such a ‘traditional’ massage but rather one that we are not quite use to nowadays. Oana brings passion and peace with her and she pushes that onto you. I leave every time after a massage from her feeling incredibly at peace and very calm”

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“When Oana massaged me I had a back pain in one particular spot that lasted for nearly a month and seemed like i would never get rid of. Not only the massage was very relaxing and mind clensing, at the end of the session the pain was gone and hadn’t returned. It’s been 5 months since. It’s a shame i don’t live in the UK to be able to have more sessions.
Oana’s massage was a treatment for my mind, body and soul”

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“Absolutely incredible massage. Oana has magic hands and amazing patience and devotion. She does a relaxing but intense deep massage. I feel like my aches and pains have all disappeared! All the stiffness after pregnancy and 3 months of brestfeading got me in to a point where I though just with phisioterphy I can get an improvement. I sincerely recomanda Oana for a full body massage specialy as a new mum you’re back and neck are in much need.
I felt so relaxed after I had the message , just as a return from a relaxing holiday . Thanks a lot!”

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“I had the most beautiful massage experience from Oana. From the beginning and throughout the treatment, Oana put me at ease and wanted to ensure I was totally comfortable. She took the time to get to know me, what I wanted out of it, what areas of my body needed the most work. I loved this holistic approach.
The room itself was set up so wonderfully, with sensual aromas that relaxed me immediately and kept me in a tranquil state throughout the treatment. Oana used incredible smelling oils – she let me choice the scents which resonated with my energy; it was fun to choose between such different scents.
The massage itself was so special. Oana has a great strength about her which she takes into her massage. My shoulders and back were very tense, and Oana worked with my pain thresholds to help get rid of knots, which is what I wanted. The rest of massage was deep relaxation which was a fantastic unwinding experience.
I loved the powder Oana used which gave an extra sensation to the massage, and acted like an exfoliator. This was so exciting and different, and helped bring feeling back to parts of my body which were stagnant. My skin felt incredible after!
I am practically insatiable for Oana’s massage technique, and had not felt so relaxed in such a long time. Starting being a bit stressed, to wanting to go straight to sleep after the massage and just chill was fantastic.
I would recommend Oana to anyone looking for a massage – her mix of technique plus her energy, love and care is so magical and rare, and just what you need to ground and reconnect you”

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I had the privilege of meeting Oana at the love shack, a vegan cafe in London. I had recently damaged my lower back being a carer for my mum and helping her to move around. My back would lock and go into spasms which hurt immensely. Oana introduced some ayevedic yoga massage which I had never had or yet heard of. Ioana used different oils on both occasions to work and locate the main root source of where pain was coming from. Oana’s relaxing touch along with stretching process alleviated the pain and gave me considerably more movement. Oana has a very gentle and effective approach to her massage in which she is very attuned to. Thank you Oana, your a healer.

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Olivia Frank

Service Co-ordinator, Leeds

‘Have tried many massage therapies but none had the impact on my back pain and stressed body as this Yoga massage. Nawal truly have magical hands and always finds the knots and areas that need to be dealt with. She always makes me feel relaxed and the combination of massage and stretching always leaves me feeling like a new person after. I can highly recommend it!’


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Klara Doherty


‘An absolutely fantastic massage! Nawal managed to work out a lot of muscle tension while also keeping it very relaxing. I’ve never felt so rejuvenated after a massage. Thank you Nawal’!

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Laura Kay

Massage therapist, London

Nawal’s massages are the best!! I find Ayurvedic yoga massage to be invigorating and deeply relaxing. Nawal has a wonderful touch and is great at finding and loosening any tight, tense or painful parts of the body. She makes you feel instantly at ease. Nawal listens to you and your body and varies the treatment accordingly. The massage and stretches fit together perfectly to rejuvenate your body. I thoroughly recommend Nawal and her therapy!

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Katie Cartledge

GP, Leeds

I would recommend this to anyone- either for specific tension or just needing an hour or two to relax! Ayurvedic yoga massage is very different to any other kind of massage I have ever had and I can honestly say it is the best. You leave feeling completely refreshed in every way. I have had 5-10 massages from Nawal so far and would have one weekly if I was still in Leeds. You must try it to believe it!

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“I met Beatrice at the Mulberry Centre at West Middlesex Hospital where she volunteered and provided cancer patients with free reflexology massage. This helped me immensely with my anxiety and stress levels when going through treatment and I can’t ever thank her enough. E have now kept in touch and I make sure I fit in a reflexology session at least once every couple of months. It helps to release toxins and unwind.”

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Mujeeb Habib


Hi Joanna, I just wanted to say thank you for the massage I received from you and wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your healing touch. I found the session extremely relaxing and very restorative. You were sensitive to my needs and seemed to instinctively know what my body needed in any given moment which allowed me to trust that I was in a safe pair of hands. Thank you once again. – Greg Donaldson, London

Joanna‘s massage was very intuitive she applies the perfect pressure and finds areas of tension without needing to let her know. This means you can just relax and trust that she totally knows her business. I could tell she had excellent training and she loves her work. Her massage is a joy and leaves you feeling stress free and with a great feeling of wellbeing. I recommend her massage to anyone who is interested in having a massage from someone who really cares about what they do and about you.

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Elisabeth J.

“What a divine massage! I was lucky enough to have Andrea treat me on Sunday 26th February. I went along with no prior knowledge of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage at all – but a lot of Sports Massage experience. And I am happy to say it felt just as effective as a Sports Massage – Andrea was very thorough, firm and calming. I actually found myself switching off mentally – which is something I very rarely do ever! I felt like I had a complete body relax and my mind felt rested. Andrea is a very warm and kind person – and I cannot recommend her enough, book her! Thank you Andrea and Ayurvedic Yoga Massage for such a blissful experience.”

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Ewelina Patkowska

“Amazing Massage with Andrea! I highly recommend her to everyone, especially to those who spend long hours in the office, train intensively or just simply look for a great way to relax. I had one hour session with her, during which I relaxed completely. Andrea is a professional, her touch – firm, and her instructions are clear. When the tension in my muscles disappeared, I forgot about all my stress and felt like a newborn. It was a wonderful experience. The best massage ever I’m sure I’ll soon call Andrea again. She’s got golden hands.”

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“Hello, this is to share the wonderful experience I had while having a massage with Andrea. She first created a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, I could almost say that her inner self prepared for that moment. She put relaxing music and explained what she was going to do. She showed great care while doing the massage, focused on what she was doing, relaxed, and strongly confident. She used the exact amount of strength for what I needed in that moment, so I didn’t have more pain for days after the massage. Her hands were warm, like transmitting energy, and she also used her feet, which was new for me compared to the massages that I received before. I felt my muscles not only relaxed, but as if they were refreshed on the inside. I didn’t want the massage to finish and I’m willing to receive more massages from her… and I hope to receive them soon!”

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Actress, Camberwell

“I had my first Ayurvedic yoga massage with Tali nearly a year ago and the effect it had on me was deeply powerful, so much so that I am now working with Tali regularly, receiving ongoing support through her tailored healing massages- in my case releasing tension that I hold in my chest and womb. I talk to Tali freely and this in itself is a cathartic experience. Her grace and her willingness to listen as intently as she does, prepares my mental and physical state for the massage. Her approach is strong yet sensitive, concentrated but mindful of every part of me and its need for healing. She urges me to connect deeply with my emotional, spiritual and physical state. I release so much tension and feel a far greater sense of ease throughout the massage and afterwards. Since working with Tali, I have a clearer less clouded view of the world and the space around me. I am beginning to face my inner anxieties in a way that I could not access before and for that, I am eternally grateful. I feel blessed that I have connected with Tali and her practice. I strongly recommend work with her if you are looking for mental clarity and a physical release with a sense of empowerment afterwards.”

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Researcher, Islington

“Really thorough, and deeply restorative massage with Tali – and the method is really unique. I had a looot of tension in my back from sitting at a computer for ages and in the coming days after my massage with Tali, it got better and better. Treat yourself!”

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Doula, Stoke Newington

“Tali sent me in to deep relaxation. Her massage’s also work on lots of levels if you want it to, Tali will sensitively give you exactly what you need through her informal chat before and intuition. I felt I was touched in places that really needed it that I didn’t know existed! Afterwards I felt totally restored, renewed and balanced. ”

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“I had the pleasure to have received the most amazing Ayurvedic massage with Amanda. It was truly one of the best massages I’ve ever had!! She is very attentive and caring, with very good technique and skills. She has strong hands which can give very good pressure where I needed. My body and my mind felt completely relaxed after! I would highly recommend her for an Ayurvedic Yoga Massage and I look forward to my next massage with her very soon!!”

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HR Specialist

“I think Amanda is truly talented and has a passion for massage! I was one of her first clients and she did such a professional job. She prepared a nice relaxing ambience (music, scents), made sure it was the right temperature in the room. Amanda explained what she was going to do, and asked for feedback during the session. She was very considerate of my back issues too. It was an excellent massage and I recommend Amanda to everyone.”

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“Having had a fair share of massages in my life time I can honestly say that Amanda’s hands are a pure delight. She has such a careful gentle personality which translates in her massages. Having said that, she shows great strength and can man handle anyone… Highly recommended therapist.”

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“I made the experience of Amanda’s massage in a moment of strong stress. The relief I felt under the touch of her warm hands was indescribable. She knew the right spots to touch and how much pressure to apply; she was gentle but firm, soft but secure. I allowed myself to fall into a dreamy and peaceful state of mind in which she brought me. Definitely something I would do regularly and recommend to everyone.”

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David Bradley

The Ayurvedic treatments I have received from the lovely Nora have been both relaxing and healing. The massage element of the treatment is relaxing and soothing whilst the deep tissue and pressure point therapy works deep into the muscles and fibres that are holding stress and injury. I have had many different treatments and massages over time but the Ayurvedic approach I find really natural and complete.

Nora has a very professional attitude and communicates well during the treatment to establish if the depth of the work is suitable and assuring that you are comfortable and at ease for the whole time. She has remarkable strength for such a slight person and is capable of providing the level of treatment to suit every body type.

I would thoroughly recommend a Ayurvedic treatment with Nora as a relaxing massage as part of your general health and well-being strategy or as a treatment for any specific injury or aches and pains. Nora’s treatments have definitely helped me and I am sure they will help you…

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Valena Tzvetanska

Being a yoga teacher, both training and teaching long hours can leave me not only physically, but emotionally exhausted at times. To give students direction and empower energy, taking time to nourish is a must!

Nora has helped me achieve a deep sense of relaxation with Ayurvedic Yoga Massage. Her knowledge, communication and clear direction, allow me to feel comfortable and able to let go during the sessions, which is essential in releasing any type of tension. We all deserve a treat, time to let go and recharge, no matter our profession! 

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Marzia Castelli

It was my first experience of Ayurvedic massage, and now I can say this is one of my favorite kind. Deep and relaxing, a real panacea for my neck/back pains.

Nora is professional, intuitive and caring. She knew immediately where my issues were, and when done with the session I felt good as new, totally relaxed and well stretched.

Definitely one of the best massages I’ve ever had. I highly recommend it, you won’t be disappointed.  

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Doncho Burdelov

Nora is kind and extremely good at what she does. She has a very calming effect from the moment you begin talking. Her intuition as a healer is on point times 1000. She also addressed some issues that I didn’t even express verbally. She makes you feel totally comfortable and really taken of. Excellent balance between therapeutic & relaxation. She is very knowledgeable about body mechanics & offers some sound advice & tips to take home with you. Highly recommend! Thank you so much Nora!

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Geoff Liddy

Having had hundreds of massages, (mostly for medical reasons) over the years for my spinal problems I was keen to have my first Ayurvedic experience. 

Nora brings the same enthusiasm and passion to this massage as she does to her very enjoyable yoga teachings.

My back and neck received most of the attention and it was indeed a most wonderful massage. It was soothing, energising, relaxing and emotional, I was definitely close to ‘floating off’ a few times.

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Jaz Nat Ali

The ayurvedic massage combines stretching and deep tissue massage. I was left in savasana feeling incredibly relaxed – in fact had Nora not sounded a chime I could have easily fallen asleep. The powder on the skin as well as the oil is delightful as it gently exfoliates, and as a masseuse Nora is very careful to make sure you are not in discomfort. Would recommend!

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Ali Henry

Massage therapist and trainer, London, UK

I don’t say that lightly as I am a massage therapist myself, constantly on the mission to find THE massage that hits all the tight niggly spots, relaxes and revives, stretches my bones, soothes the soul and sends me floating off on my own little blissed out journey. Despina’s strong talented hands deliver all and more. Very, very highly recommended!

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Sajni Shah


I’ve really enjoyed every minute of my learning journey with Despina and feel that I have gained so much more than just being able to practice AYM! As well as being an amazing therapist, Despina is an approachable, supportive, attentive and collaborative teacher. Ever since the first workshop I did with her last year, it was clear to me that she genuinely cares about her students and wants to develop each one of us into confident, intuitive and well-informed AYM therapists who can give the best standard of service to their clients. She always makes herself available to her students and is always trying to find ways to help us improve our knowledge and skills. I just got back from Despina’s hometown in Chios where I completed my levels 3-5 and I’m still buzzing from the experience – hands-on massage training in small groups, daily yoga practice, healthy eating, beautiful nature and great company! So grateful to have found AYM (and Despina!)

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Armineh Soorenian

Sociologist, University of Leeds

I have a number of longstanding impairments and often experience pain. For this reason I have found Despina’s treatments extremely beneficial. Despina has an amazing touch and each session she knows exactly which part needs the most attention, as if by intuition. After my appointments with her, I not only feel very relaxed and refreshed, but also acquire flexibility and lightness devoid of any pain. Despina’s kind, friendly and gentle nature always brings joy to the treatment room and it is always a delight to see her! Thank you Despina x