AYM UK Therapist Training

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Join our life-changing therapist trainings to become a qualified AYM therapist, or to add some AYM techniques to your current wellness offerings!

About our therapist training

We help students develop into multi-skilled, discerning, intuitive practitioners, who love what they do. Our Certified Therapist Training courses are aimed at anyone wanting to become a professional Ayurvedic yoga massage therapist.

Practitioners are taught to:

  • Offer powerful, therapeutic Ayurvedic Yoga Massage treatments
  • Really understand each client’s needs on the day, and tailor the treatments appropriately
  • Offer AYM in a way that also promotes their own wellbeing and self awareness
  • Use their understanding of their own bodies and minds, and draw on their personal wellness journey, to inform their AYM treatments.

We have designed the AYM UK therapist trainings to be flexible, so that everyone can find an opportunity to either attend some of our 2-day trainings; attend an entire 300-hour training; or to continue studying and developing with our CDP courses.

At the moment we are offering therapist trainings in London, Leeds, Glasgow, Stockholm and Haarlem (Netherlands). Some CPD is also available as a residential training on Chios, Greece.

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300-Hour Therapist Training

The course is delivered over several months, in ten 12-hour modules and a final assessment. This includes 96 hours of in-person classroom time and a minimum of 200 hours self study, including the virtual learning materials provided (videos).

The entire content of the training is available in video format, so you can be watch again and again.

Online mentorship is available through a group chat and weekly group video calls throughout the course, so you can ask questions and get motivation and support. You can also contact your teacher privately for advice when needed.

We have 300-hour trainings in Leeds, London and Glasgow. Our next groups are starting in January 2024 in Leeds, February 2024 in Glasgow and October 2024.

We will be announcing further Haarlem (Netherlands) dates starting from October 2024 and running through to May/June 2025.

Please get in touch to express interest and sign up for our mailing list to be the first to hear about other trainings!

Upcoming Training Courses


Start Dates: September 2024
Price: £2500


Start Dates: October 2024
Price: £2800


Start Dates: October 2024
Price: £2500

2-day trainings in Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

Our 2-day trainings are great if you would like to:

  • Attend an AYM training as CPD if you have already trained in other therapeutic modalities, including as a yoga teacher, and would like to add some AYM techniques to your existing practice, or
  • Learn some AYM techniques and offer some treatments, but you are not planning to be a full time therapist in the near future, or
  • Dip your toes into the AYM technique and see if it is really for you before committing to a 300-hour training.

Each of our 2-day training modules is tailored to the group of participants, so might include some revision and building on knowledge gained through previous modules. So ideally modules would be attended in sequence, if possible/practical. If this is not possible then module 1 (online introduction) is really the only prerequisite for the rest of the training, you can join whichever modules interest you and you are able to attend after that. If you could start with module 2 that is usualy ideal.

Please contact us to discuss your options. We have experience supporting hundreds of students, and can help you choose the best course for you.

CPD for AYM therapists

These trainings are the natural next step for therapists who have attended our 300-hour training. Minimum prerequisites are:

  • Modules 1-3 and some practical experience of offering AYM, or
  • Adequate experience in other relevant modalities, or
  • Adequate practical/applied training in anatomy, physiology and pathology.
  • If you have not completed our 300-hour training, then please discuss with Despina whether this training might be appropriate for you.

Pregnancy and neuropathic pains of the lower body

You will learn how to adjust what you already know about Ayurvedic Yoga Massage to make it appropriate for pregnant clients, and non pregnant clients who cannot lie in the prone or supine (lying on front or back) positions because of health conditions or injuries.

Whether you intend on regularly massaging these groups of people or not, having these options will give you confidence to support the needs of most clients that arrive. It also gives you more options and variety for clients who have regular massages with you.

Neuropathic pains of the upper body

Here we cover how to work with neuropathic pain originating from the cervical spine, clavicle area, thoracic area or arms. Despina can teach you what to do to relieve or reduce the pain, to help the clients in their journey to recovery, to help them understand their body better and move towards a lifestyle that supports them better. Also, how to work on the rest of the body, without agitating the affected areas.

Become a teacher with AYM teacher training

We have trained two AYM teachers and we have a few more trainees/teaching assistants who will start teaching in the coming months. We also have a few more experienced AYM therapists interested in starting their AYM teaching journeys in the coming years.

If you are an experienced AYM therapist and you are interested in teaching, then get in touch to discuss your experience, and what you can do to prepare for your teacher training. We can then add you to the next batch of teacher trainees.


for our therapist trainings, and for our graduates

  • Amy

    I first met Despina when I was pregnant and attended a pregnancy massage workshop so my partner could learn some massage techniques to ease some of the discomfort that comes with being pregnant. Despina was able to guide my partner with clear instruction and understanding, he was confident in massaging my sore points and easing my discomfort at the end. Despina was very easy to get a long with. I have since (not pregnant) had the most amazing AY massage from Despina. Both of which have inspired me to train with her at her AYM school. I have just attended a weekend level 2 course. The knowledge and guidance Despina has to offer is exceptional. I feel so amazing after a weekend course and just can’t wait to get practicing on friends and family. I have learnt techniques that I never thought I would be able to do. The massage feels amazing to receive and practice. The assisted stretches and tractions, and the fact we work on the floor (using body weight through our hands, arm and feet) make this a massage therapy like no other, oh and we use oil! I have tried different therapies over the years to help ease tension in my shoulders, but none have come close to AYM.
    I have always wanted to train in massage but was put off by how much strain massage therapy puts on the therapist, but this isn’t the case with AYM. Despoina always makes sure you are working in the best possibly way for you and of course your client. I have learnt that if I am relaxed and it feels good to me then it will definitely feel good for my client.
    Because this is a school there are therapists working at all levels so should meet most peoples budget, so if you’re looking for affordable therapy that works, this is for you.

  • Grace

    What Jacqueline offers is way beyond what you would expect from massage if your experience is mainly from spa treatments, like mine was. She provides a truly holistic experience and besides clearly having an innate talent, is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled in her work. She creates a warm, safe space for you to relax in and practices with the utmost professionalism. The respect and care she treated my body with moved me to tears and left me feeling amazing and so well rested for days afterwards. There is so much to be gained from a massage with Jacqueline, whether you have a specific issue, chronic management or just want to treat yourself. You won’t regret it, if fact I think you will be blown away.
  • Joey Miles

    Despina is a really talented bodyworker – last year I had regular sessions for several months and during this time my body and mind felt great. Despina has a caring quality, you feel looked after and nurtured during and after her treatments and they complement a regular asana practice.