Terms and Conditions


Offering Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is possible for most people, but will be difficult if you have serious mobility issues. Please contact us in advance if you have questions about whether offering AYM might be possible for you.

Massage bookings

If you cancel a massage booking up to 48 hours before the scheduled time, you will need to pay for the treatment in full. This is to be applied at the individual therapist’s discretion.


Moving your deposit to a different training

  • 1 months notice you can move your deposit to a different training for free (once only)
  • Up to 2 weeks notice you can move your deposit to a different training for the admin fee of £30 (added to final bill)
  • After that you will lose the deposit unless otherwise agreed with Despina (so in case of serious illness/injury/family issues)

Early Bird Price

  • The early bird price is available for people making full settlement on the fee by the stated early bird date. 
  • If you are purchasing the deposit on the last date of the early bird, we give you until the following day to make the full payment
  • Failure to pay by these dates means the full price is then required.  

Making Final Training Payments

  • To book your training you have made a £100 deposit. 
  • The final balance is required 1 week before the training
  • The final payment is made by bank transfer to: AYM UK | 23-69-72 | 21722800 
  • You are required to provide your FULL NAME as payment reference for this last payment. 
  • We will send you an email when we have received the final payment, confirming your place. If you have not received this email please get in touch as payment may not have been received. 

Inclusivity for low income students

It is very important to us that AYM remains accessible and inclusive. By attending the training you will develop a highly valued skill, and you should be able to earn back your costs very quickly. However, if you don’t intend to offer at least one session per week after completion of the course, then perhaps this training isn’t right for you.

We understand you might not be able to pay for the training in advance if you are on a low income. In some cases we can agree on a small deposit, followed by a payment plan to help you afford the training. You will then have a strong incentive to start practising following completion of your course, and we can also help you with publicity. Rest assured, you will be supported and highly valued after finishing your training.

Payment Plan

  • We offer a payment plan option for low wage workers to help you move to the higher incomes that AYM provides. This option must be agreed by AYM at the point of making the deposit for the course. 
  • You will need to tell us, what your monthly payments are going to be and stick to this plan. 
  • You are expected to manage your payment plan, keeping track of payments and balance and emailing us every time a payment is made, otherwise we charge an additional administration fee for this option. 
  • If you need a payment holiday, you need to inform us, and agree new terms. 
  • Please do not fail to make payments in line with your plan without discussing with AYM prior, as we then reserve the right to charge you an administration fee of £14 per hour of the student support officer who follows up your case 

Scholarship places

Scholarship places are only available to asylum seekers in the UK who are not allowed to work. You are welcome to attend, as long as:

(i) there are enough scholarship places left and

(ii) you commit to giving at least 10 free AYM sessions to other asylum seekers after the end of your course (per level).