New Price Structure

From 2023 we’ll be changing our price structure to better align with the level of support that we offer our students. This will ensure we can continue to offer the best possible trainings that we can imagine, keep improving our services to respond to the needs of our students as they emerge, whilst still offering excellent value without compromising on quality. By ensuring that our business model is robust and sustainable, we can keep supporting the emerging AYM community in the future.

In our trainings, we teach an incredible method in the best possible way, in small groups, allowing us to adjust the teaching to the experience, learning styles and energy of all our students. We teach you to develop your intuition, so that you are able to adjust the method to respond to your clients’ needs on the day, and so that you can work in a way that makes you feel good in your body and mind too. We provide mentorship and support, to ensure you, our students, respect what you do, and that you are able to charge what you need to charge so that you can keep taking care of yourselves too, keep training, avoid burnout and be the best therapists you can be.

At present Levels 1,2 and 3 are £350/£300 and Level 4 £250/200 (Full/Concession), with each level including 15 hours of class contact time, several hours of technique and theory videos, and free mentorship following the end of your training. We also offer students the opportunity to be featured on our website and social media, to participate in publicity events, and to come and assist in future trainings for free (as long as you have completed your Level 5 training), ensuring that you keep updating your knowledge in the future. And we facilitate the community of AYM therapists who we have trained to stay in touch, organise treatment swaps, organise events together, support and continue to learn from each other.

Our new structure will see each level (15 hours of class contact time), at £400/350 (Full/Concession), This includes our new, advanced trainings (15-hour segments of Levels 6 and 7) and we will continue with our existing levels of support for all the therapists in our community.

The 25% discount for repeating these levels and achieving level 5 will remain in place, as will interest free and bespoke payment plans, so everyone can afford to train with us – even if you set your payments as low as £10/month and take payment holidays if you need them!

If you have already booked on to one of our courses, or do so before the new year, your fees will remain on the old tier.