These workshops are great for people who just want to dip their toes into massaging friends and family, and potentially seeing whether this style of massage is something that works for them before they take longer courses. They would also suit experienced therapists who would like to add some AYM strokes and stretches to their existing practice, and yoga teachers who either want to improve their hands-on adjustments, or want to understand the body better by experiencing the quality of muscles at the same time as observing how far those muscles can stretch.

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is a wonderful style to give as well as to receive. By giving it you can feel the benefits of a loving kindness meditation combined with a gentle yoga practice.

The workshops are lots of fun and within the 4 hours you receive quite a bit of massage! Optional: bring a friend to swap with if you would like to be shown how to work with each other.

We like to make the wonderful experience of giving massage available to everyone. Please contact us in advance if you have reduced mobility or other conditions which might otherwise hinder you from taking a massage course – we can discuss your options and would love to be able to help!

Here are our upcoming workshops: