Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is a wonderfully effective method, which is a pleasure to both give and receive. It is based on traditional Ayurvedic Massage and Iyengar yoga, and its popularity in the UK has been growing as more therapists and clients experience it.

Our 4-hour workshops (you’d be surprised how the time flies during an AYM workshop!) are an excellent way to learn to offer an amazing massage to friends and family. They are going to love you that little bit more! The workshops are also always very enjoyable for our participants. As you learn as much from receiving as from practising new techniques, in our workshops you are going to receive as much AYM as you offer from your partner (either you can bring a partner or we can pair you up with another participant). And you are going to love offering AYM so much more than you think! It’s an amazing life skill. It feels like a gentle yoga practice (which we can help you adjust to your own body, so you are always moving comfortably when offering treatments) and a loving kindness meditation in one. Our workshop participants are always suprised at how amazing they feel in their bodies and minds when offering AYM treatments, and afterwards.

Importantly, it is so essential to our wellbeing that we are in contact with how we feel, and present in our bodies! Which takes some practice. Both giving and receiving AYM is a brilliant way to improve our understanding of bodies and minds, including our own. AYM is unique in that you give an oil massage, so you feel the quality of the muscles; then you give some assisted stretches, so you start observing how bodies move and connect that with the quality of the muscles. We also use gentle mobilisations, which make it easy to observe when the client is holding parts of the body, and can consciously release them; or when tightness cannot be released by conscious effort, which is where the massage and the stretches come in. Throughout each session we are trying to encourage ease of breath, so we become tuned in to how people breathe, where they hold their tension, how much of it they can release by relaxing, and where massage (and yoga/other therapies) can come in and help with bringing further softness, freedom of movement and ease of breathing.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of learning to offer AYM is that we learn to pay close attention to the interconnections between: how our client is feeling emotionally, their state of mind, their breathing, how they are feeling in their body, how they hold their body, and how they move.

We find that the 4-hour workshops are an excellent way for us to raise awareness of this amazing but little known technique, and also an excellent way to make AYM more accessible for people on low incomes who need treatments, but cannot afford regular full price treatments from a therapist. There is always space and need for trained therapists of course, but learning a bit of bodywork is really a life skill that is so useful for all of us.. There is so much we can do for each other, so easily, just with a little bit of training! So we do feel very passionate about offering them.

Upcoming workshops

Our upcoming dates are listed below. We are also planning a new date in Wales. join our mailing list to hear as soon as we finalise workshop dates and venues in your area! Or contact us if you can put us in touch with your local yoga centre, we might be able to organise a workshop with them if they are interested!

We understand that a lot of people are going through difficult times at the moment, so we are trying to make our concession rates as flexible as possible, as it is our mission to make AYM trainings and treatments as accessible as we possibly can. You can find out if you are eligible for our Concession rate here!

Please note that due to the nature of the workshops we can only plan around your needs if you book in advance. Last minute bookings might be considered depending on availability, but it is not guaranteed that your application will be accepted if we don’t have time to process it.

Sunday 24 September, 12-4 pm, Otley, Soma Wellness

Full price: £60 or £100 for two. Concessions: £45. Book here.

Sunday 01st October, 12-4 pm, UAC, Gosforth, Newcastle

Full price: £60, or £100 for two.Concessions: £45. Book here.

Sunday 17th February 2024, 12-4 pm, Saltaire, Heather Yoga

Full price: £70 or £125 for two Book here.

Participant testimonials for our workshops

Our workshops are a fantastic way to dip your toe into Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, to understand some simple techniques that you can use on friends and family, and experience the benefits of AYM first hand, without having to do a full therapist training.  Read some of our participants' feedback here!

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