We have recently opened our new treatment room at 56 Hoxton Square, N1 6PB in October 2023, and we have loved welcoming so many of you in our new space!


Our pricing explained

Keeping treatments affordable

Our ethos at AYM UK is to try and keep the treatments as affordable as possible. Our therapists charge depending on their experience, but our most experienced therapists cap their prices, so they don’t end up charging much more than beginner therapists. This is inspired by our teacher, Kusum, who developed this method, and has always kept her treatments and trainings affordable.

Most of us also offer some concession discounts for clients who cannot afford our regular rates, starting at about £60/hour. Please contact us or contact a therapist directly to discuss how we can support you if you cannot afford our regular rates.

In order for us to ensure that we can still offer 100% to our clients while not increasing our prices in many years, despite the increases in cost of living, we rely on word of mouth rather than paid advertisement for our publicity – so we are hugely grateful to all our clients for that! And we create amazing spaces that we share as a community and manage together, so what you pay for your treatment doesn’t include paying a lot for managers, or paying for spaces to be empty/unused a lot. We also rely on the kindness of some of our clients who can afford to pay more for their treatments, who are inspired to tip their therapists, recognising what amazing value they are receiving for their treatments.

We treat all our clients the same, irrespective of what they can afford to pay for their treatments.

Launch offer

We have a launch offer available at the moment, where we offer up to 20% off treatments. Book here.

One-off treatments

We offer anything from 30 mins treatment to several hours (as long as you need, but we only book up to 3 hours with new clients). We might have occasional offers on, or also discounts for off peak appointments.

We charge from £60-80/hour for one-off treatments. The cost per hour is higher for shorter treatments and lower for longer treatments.

Regular treatments

We can offer discounted rates for regular treatments, as these help with our financial planning, therefore helping to keep our business model viable in the long term.

You can book a pass to have weekly or monthly treatments with any of our therapists. Depending on whether you can make our off peak times, we can charge from £60/hour for ongoing regular treatments. The exact price depends on the therapist(s) that you prefer to book with, and your flexibility with times. Please contact us, or contact your therapist directly to organise.

Mobile treatments

Please contact our reception, or one of our therapists directly (Despina, Marta , Louisa or Amber) to discuss one of our therapists coming to your home to offer treatments. Depending on your distance from our treatment room, an additional charge will usually need to be made to cover travel time and expenses.


While we love our new space, it is on the 2nd floor and not accessible. So please let us know if you have accessibility needs and we can organise a mobile treatment for you, or book a space at a nearby yoga centre where we can welcome you instead.