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Despina’s motivation and approach to treatments

I was introduced to sports massage when I was 14, as I was a competitive swimmer at the time. Ever since then, whenever someone I care about was in pain, I’d offer to massage them. I quickly realised that massage was about more than releasing pains and stiffness, but also a wonderful way to connect, express care, and help people feel better emotionally and mentally, as well as physically. My first clients were my mum, and some of my friends, who would line up and sit with their backs to me whenever we met up!

I started training in Ayurvedic Yoga Massage in 2011, after 5 years of experiencing first hand the benefits of a yoga practice for the body and mind. I fell in love with AYM straight away. It combined everything I ever loved about massage with everything I love about yoga. Ever since I discovered AYM, my AYM and yoga practices have been inseparable for me, as when I practise one I also understand the other better. They both help my body and mind in the same way through finding softness, centerdness, a connection with the breath, energy flow, a deeper connection and awareness of the body, being in the present moment, practising equanimity.

I have ADHD, so I can only do something if I am completely and utterly excited about it, and I absolutely believe it’s worthwhile. AYM for me is all that, and more, and as such my AYM and yoga practices have had my almost undivided attention since I first trained. Offering treatments for me is a practice of loving kindness meditation, where I can be present in the moment and deeply focused on caring for my clients. I like the connection with the clients, the deeper level of communication that this trusting relationship allows for, not only verbally but also by observing how the client’s energy changes, how the body responds to the treatment. And I still can’t get over how effective this method is. Witnessing how much better people feel after they’ve had a treatment just makes my day, every time. It’s amazing when someone gets rid of a niggle, or their pain is reduced or gone altogether, when people feel more centred and in tune with themselves, when they tell me afterwards that they slept better.. And equally, when I have clients who don’t come with pains or when they are going through a challenging time in life, but who come when they are already feeling well, in order to keep working towards optimal wellness.. There is nothing like watching people leave the treatment room feeling like they are walking on clouds!


All the above is why I never stopped training and practising since my first training in AYM. Outside of completing all the training available in AYM, I have also trained through formal trainings and continuous personal study. I am ever thankful for my previous academic training, which has prepared me well for a lifetime of continuous learning. Formal trainings I have attended include yoga anatomy, physiology and pathology (how we can help clients with pains, injuries and health conditions through yoga) and thai massage.

As many of my clients became pregnant and wanted to continue their AYM treatments, in 2017 I trained in pregnancy massage with Suzanne Yates. There was no pregnancy AYM training available at the time, so Suzanne’s course was as close as I could get. Her approached is based on Shiatsu, so she works on a futon (it’s important for me to be able to use my body weight during treatments, as that’s better for my own body, and when I am at ease while giving a treatment it always feels better to the client too), and she covers oil massage, tractions, mobilisations, stretches, pressure.. Everything that we use in AYM too. I loved Suzanne’s training, and I combined what I learned from her with my own experience with clients, studying the anatomy, physiology and pathology of pregnancy, and consulting with other experienced AYM therapists and teachers to develop the AYM for pregnancy method that I now practise and teach.

Some of the best teachers I have had have been my clients. By developing our awareness of our body through yoga and massage, we can give precise feedback to our therapists about what we need, and I try my best to really listen to my clients, and to help them develop the skill of listening to their own bodies.

The highlight for me as a student of therapeutic bodywork is having watched Kusum Modak, the founder of this method, treat clients, and having her offer me her advice on treatments and teaching. She is extremely talented, her incredible intuition developed through four decades of experience, as well as generous and loving. I met Kusum in January 2020 and we have been in contact since. I will continue to learn with her via videocalls, and in real life at every possible opportunity.

Practical information about booking treatments

I usually offer 60, 90 or 120 min sessions, but the length of AYM sessions that I can offer is unlimited, anything from 15 mins upwards. Some of my clients really benefit from longer sessions, 3-3.5 hours, but these are not available to new clients. After we see how your body and mind respond to treatment we can discuss what would work best for you. I also sometimes offer short follow-up sessions, taster sessions, or just highly specific to releasing a particular part of the body for clients whose body responds really well to treatment.

For most clients, I generally recommend starting off with a 90-minute or 2-hour session so we can have an effective treatment, and a little time to explore what is happening in the body, and how the body responds to the treatment. We can then discuss what frequency and length of treatments would serve you best in the future, depending on your body and lifestyle.

After an initial session we can discuss the timings that suit you, and I can recommend a course of sessions that would be of the most appropriate length and frequency for you. I also offer discounts for regular treatments to facilitate clients being able to come as frequently as they need to.

I work as a therapist in Leeds from our Headingley treatment room, and occasionally in London, Bristol and Glasgow areas, around delivering our AYM therapist training courses and workshops.

If you would like to find out more about my journey into Ayurvedic Yoga Massage and my experience please visit our About Us pages.

I charge £80 per hour for one-off treatments. Discounted rates are available for treatments of 2 hours or longer, and for regular treatments. Discounts are also available for clients who have not experienced AYM before, and to prospective students and AYM therapists. If you are on a low income, please read our Frequently Asked Questions regarding access to low cost treatments.

What our clients say

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Armineh Soorenian

Sociologist, University of Leeds

I have a number of longstanding impairments and often experience pain. For this reason I have found Despina’s treatments extremely beneficial. Despina has an amazing touch and each session she knows exactly which part needs the most attention, as if by intuition. After my appointments with her, I not only feel very relaxed and refreshed, but also acquire flexibility and lightness devoid of any pain. Despina’s kind, friendly and gentle nature always brings joy to the treatment room and it is always a delight to see her! Thank you Despina x

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Cherie Lathey

Director, The Putney clinic of physical therapy Ltd, London, UK

As a yoga teacher and a director of a physical therapy practice, I understand the importance of massage. On my recent trip to Mysore I had twice weekly massage sessions with Despina. She has a strong intuitive massage technique and I would highly recommend her as a body worker.


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Aditya Manjunath

Ayurvedic massage therapist, Mysore, India

I highly recommend Despina’s technique.
Despina’s massage is very beautifully tailored to bring out what is unwanted, like stress, discomfort (physical and mental).
She has a very profound understanding of the human body, is very well experienced as far as the touch and the feeling is concerned, which allows her to know where the body needs more attention. It was very lovely to meet you and work with you. Looking forward to having another appointment end of this week!


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Joey Miles

Authorised Level 2 ashtanga teacher, Leeds, UK

Despina is a really talented bodyworker – last year I had regular sessions for several months and during this time my body and mind felt great. Despina has a caring quality, you feel looked after and nurtured during and after her treatments and they complement a regular asana practice.


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Sue Mannock

Cabin crew manager, British Airways

Despina THANK YOU you truly are amazing. Beyond massage. It feels like a holistic treatment, really fixing me from every perspective. Like no other massage, by far the best!


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Imran Khan

Lawyer and taxi driver, Bradford, UK

I would recommend Despina to everyone. She is a miracle worker. I have tried so many different types of therapy, nothing really worked until Despina worked her magic. I have taken my mother and wife who have all enjoyed the benefits. It’s been almost two years having treatments now and I can honestly say I have never felt better.


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Bea Luypaert

Head of Local Business Support, Statoil, Aberdeen

Well, I can tell you: I miss you! I have had other massages since you’ve been away. I can tell you that you are 100x better, what I am saying: even 200x! So please please, believe in yourself, and go for it, cause you are amazing! I have never been on another planet before, but when I got a massage from you, I was there…


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Mira Rattley

Naturopath and General Health Practitioner, Light Centre at Belgravia.

Genuinely the most wonderful massage I have ever had. I can’t recommend Despina highly enough. Her touch is both gentle and firm and amazingly relaxing! A truly nurturing experience.


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Chiara Castellan

Authorised Level 2 Ashtanga teacher, Zurich, Switzerland

Despina’s massages make body and mind happy. They feel so good you can easily get addicted.


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Russell Davison

Property consultant and ashtanga practitioner

I am 45 and had more massages off more masseurs than I could remember. Having had on-going issues with my neck and lower back I have had loads of pain relieving massages but also I have had countless massages just for the pleasure of it. Despina offers a fantastic combination of both deep tissue firm remedial type body work (which can be quite challenging) as well as extremely relaxing blissful massage. Despina is very tuned in to her work, her strong hands are also sensitive and getting an hour and a half makes all the difference to the usual hour or less that others offer. She consistently performs the best all-round massages I have ever had.


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Angelika Anagnostou

Healer, Intuitive & Channel, Ashtanga Teacher, Mysore, India

I really loved Despina’s massages. I had the pleasure of a session twice now and I really enjoyed it both times. Despina is very thorough and attentive and I think she really has the magic touch!
My body feels much looser and more relaxed and I look forward to our next session. Thank you Despina!


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Anna Laurin

 Yoga teacher, Helsinki, Finland

When I contacted Despina for a massage I was planning on just getting a massage for tight shoulders. But her massage was about so much more: with the oils I could feel how her massage went deep and softening every part of my body and afterwards I felt reborn… My mind was clear and happy and I felt so alive. Thank you Despina for a super massage!!

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Annette Thygesen


I received massages from Despina during my visit to Mysore 2013. In my experience, she’s very professional in her work; she’s intuitive, and has a unique ability to sense and understand the body of each individual. I would highly recommend her as a massage therapist.

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Cecelia Baum Raborn

Ashtanga practitioner, Denmark

When I was asking for massage suggestions in Mysore, Despina’s name came up several times. After having a wonderful massage, I can also highly recommend her.
Despina’s touch is wonderful and knowing which made the massage equal parts soothing, therapeutic, relaxing, and rejuvenating. My body and mind felt amazing directly afterwards and the following days. Looking forward to my next appointment!


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Chris Conn

Authorised Ashtanga teacher, Edinburgh, UK

I received a massage from Despina and I have to say it was one of the best massages I have ever had. Despina really listens to the body and she cares about her clients.. I’ve had strong massage that felt like being beaten up and I’ve had soft massage that felt as if I was having a feather stroked across me. Despina is neither of these extremes but is capable of being firm and subtle because she can hear how the body needs to be touched. I unhesitatingly recommend Despina’s treatments.


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David Newton

Nurse and Ashtanga practitioner

During my time practicing Ashtanga Yoga in Mysore I received two massages from Despina. I can honestly say this was the best body work I have ever experienced! It was clear to me that Despina truly cares about the standard of massage she provides. Prepare to be amazed!


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Maija Kansanajo

Anaesthetist, reflexologist and Ashtanga practitioner, Helsinki, Finland

I have had several kinds of body treatments including ayurvedic massage before Despina’s. I am a reflexologist and find it very “educational” to have a treatment myself, I always learn a lot. Some people just have good hands and the ability to listen to the body and the mind they are working with, and the ability to create a relaxing atmosphere. Somehow I felt that Despina’s treatment went beyond the physical body. Of course my tight muscles were more relaxed, but also a great amount of stress and tiredness was released during the treatment. So, after a treatment allow yourself time to rest or sleep, I slept 12 hours like a baby after my first treatment.


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Gerry Turvey, Yoga Teacher and Choreographer

I recently attended one of Despina’s 4 hour massage workshops. She created a warm welcoming atmosphere and made everyone feel comfortable as soon as we arrived. Her explanations, insights and demonstrations were all clearly put across and everyone had enough time to practice. She was encouraging and helped everyone to get the most out of the afternoon.

I gained some useful techniques, in a short space of time. I would however suggest you have time to put some of these techniques into practice after the workshop….a bonus for friends and family!

Highly recommended, I felt wonderful afterwards, and enjoyed meeting new people. Well worth it! Thanks Despina”

Gerry Turvey, Yoga teacher and choreographer

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Emma Charlton

Aromatherapist & massage therapist, mental health project worker, London, UK

An Ayurvedic massage with Despina is a wonderful way to stretch and release the body whilst letting the mind gently unwind. Using a combination of oil work, mobilisations and passive stretches Despina encourages the body to let go of tension. I felt jelly-like, calm and wonderful after my treatment. I highly recommend her – give it a go!


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Ida Kielmansegg

Human rights worker, artist and ashtanga practitioner Vienna, Austria

Despina is a truly gifted woman. After her massage I could not tell where my body ends and where it begins. I felt absolutely great.


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Irena Bartolec

Yoga teacher, Zagreb, Croatia

Despina is magical. Not only is she a gifted body worker, sensitive and aware with her touch, but she is lovely to spend time with. She makes people feel easily comfortable and relaxed in her company. Her treatments are good for the body and soul! I would recommend her regularly for people looking to relax as well as for anyone struggling with discomfort or imbalance in the body.


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Zoe Ward

Authorised ashtanga teacher and Thai massage therapist

Despina is magical. Not only is she a gifted body worker, sensitive and aware with her touch, but she is lovely to spend time with. She makes people feel easily comfortable and relaxed in her company. Her treatments are good for the body and soul! I would recommend her regularly for people looking to relax as well as for anyone struggling with discomfort or imbalance in the body.


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Ali Henry

Massage therapist and trainer, London, UK

I don’t say that lightly as I am a massage therapist myself, constantly on the mission to find THE massage that hits all the tight niggly spots, relaxes and revives, stretches my bones, soothes the soul and sends me floating off on my own little blissed out journey. Despina’s strong talented hands deliver all and more. Very, very highly recommended!

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Eleonora Usseglio Prinsi, Level 5 Therapist

“Training with Despina has been a blessing. She is knowledgeable and created an amazing community of therapists always ready to support each other. The Ayurvedic Yoga Massage technique is truly appreciated by clients and incredibly adaptable to each body and different needs. I couldn’t be more proud of being part of the AYM family.”

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Anon – Despina

I have just received the most amazing massage from Despina. My life is quite challenging at the moment and my body and mind are most definitely feeling it. For the full 90 minutes with Despina I felt nurtured and supported. This time was all about me and I felt that 100%. The massage was tailored to me and intuitively Despina knew exactly what was needed and still checked in with me throughout. After the session I felt totally relaxed and calm . My body feels amazing and I am moving more freely and with no pain. I would wholeheartedly recommend Despina and her massage. It was a magical experience. Thankyou.

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Jaqueline Lawrence

Just wanted to let you know I’ve been getting some amazing feedback from people saying it’s the best they’ve ever felt in their body and that they never experienced anything like it before! I haven’t properly been charging yet, though people have been giving me money even when I haven’t asked for it, but I do feel ready to begin charging now. Anyway I was massaging a pal from my reflexology course last night and she said she wants to rebook in 2 weeks as a paying client and to have regular treatments with me, I’m over the moon, this is such a big milestone for me. Thank you so so much for everything, you have changed my life

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Jill Blandford

‘I have just returned from completing my level 5 AYM with Despina on Chios. It hard to put into words how wonderful the experience was for me. Firstly, it was so nourishing to be by the sea and enjoy the Greek sunshine. Every day started with some wonderfully energising yoga sessions:
6.-7.30am – Ashtanga, 7.30-9 yoga flow outside. These are not compulsory & I tended to do the yoga flow most days as I felt it really benefitted the massage positions we take up when giving treatments.
All meals are prepared & eaten together outside. This is a learning experience in itself as Despina shares her know-how about how to produce such tasty vegan food with local produce. Despina goes out of her way to accommodate all preferences. The olive oil, lemons, tomatoes & olives are wonderful! The course is vegan & I feel it is important to respect this when on the course. You will certainly return feeling healthy!
The massage course itself is very thorough, enjoyable & experiential. I was repeating techniques from levels 1-4 which was so beneficial for me to deepen my knowledge of how & where tension & stress can build in the body and how these AYM techniques are so effective to release. It really is the most wonderfully relaxing & therapeutic treatment on all levels. We also had the opportunity to watch some case studies, prepare bespoke plans for treatments & practise on some locals!
In the middle of the 10 day course, we had two days off to go sight-seeing, spend time on stunning beaches, swim in the turquoise sea and eat in tavernas whilst watching the sun set. I though I had died & gone to heaven!
I have returned completely refreshed and committed to developing my skills as AYM therapist. Despina not only teaches us practical skills & techniques but also inspires us to become conscious healers. I feel truly blessed that AYM is on my path.
I cannot recommend this course highly enough’
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Despina was great! As a professional dancer this felt like the perfect balance between relaxation, stretch and muscle release. I practically floated out of there after two hours and can easily see how regular sessions could benefit my practice. Thank you!

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Had my first Ayurvedic Yoga Massage with Despina this week and it truly lived up to all my expectations. My body feels better than it has done in months and the whole experience felt really personal and very tailored towards me. Already booked in my next session, huge thank you to Despina and the AYM team, I cannot recommend it enough

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Absolutely amazing treatment!

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This was my first ever massage and it was just a wonderful introduction! Despina made me feel relaxed, safe and comfortable from the outset. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect but I left it to Despina to decide what and how to provide the massage. After an hour and a half of gentle but firm massage, combined with some movements and different positions, I felt relaxed and refreshed at the same time. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will definitely have another one! Thank you, Despina

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I have just received the most amazing massage from Despina. My life is quite challenging at the moment and my body and mind are most definitely feeling it. For the full 90 minutes with Despina I felt nurtured and supported. This time was all about me and I felt that 100%. The massage was tailored to me and intuitively Despina knew exactly what was needed and still checked in with me throughout. After the session I felt totally relaxed and calm . My body feels amazing and I am moving more freely and with no pain. I would wholeheartedly recommend Despina and her massage. It was a magical experience. Thankyou.

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My first time. Felt very relaxed and secure during the treatment which felt very thorough. Left feeling more flexible and chilled and that has continued into the next day.

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I absolutely love this massage, Despina is very knowledgeable and intuitive when treating you, I always finish feeling relaxed and restored after a session. Very recommend

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Marita, Level 5 Therapist

Despina is a very inspiring teacher, she has knowledge, experience, intuition, she makes you feel comfortable, she is caring and she knows how to deliver an effective training and massage. She has the patience to explain the simplest things, her teaching techniques makes you aware of your body, your posture and how to be comfortable and confident with what you do. The whole journey of AYM is a transformative experience, and it is a well established community, very worth the investment of your time and effort.

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Absolutely beautiful experience, I left the studio with sense of deep relaxation and finally got rid of some tension that I was holding since the lockdown! Beautiful, I would highly recommend to anyone

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From the moment I stepped foot in the building I felt relaxed and in very capable hands. Without a doubt the best massage I have ever received, tailored entirely to my body’s needs, working in areas I didn’t even know needed relaxing! Cant wait to come back for more!

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I first met Despina when I was pregnant and attended a pregnancy massage workshop so my partner could learn some massage techniques to ease some of the discomfort that comes with being pregnant. Despina was able to guide my partner with clear instruction and understanding, he was confident in massaging my sore points and easing my discomfort at the end. Despina was very easy to get a long with. I have since (not pregnant) had the most amazing AY massage from Despina. Both of which have inspired me to train with her at her AYM school. I have just attended a weekend level 2 course. The knowledge and guidance Despina has to offer is exceptional. I feel so amazing after a weekend course and just can’t wait to get practicing on friends and family. I have learnt techniques that I never thought I would be able to do. The massage feels amazing to receive and practice. The assisted stretches and tractions, and the fact we work on the floor (using body weight through our hands, arm and feet) make this a massage therapy like no other, oh and we use oil! I have tried different therapies over the years to help ease tension in my shoulders, but none have come close to AYM.
I have always wanted to train in massage but was put off by how much strain massage therapy puts on the therapist, but this isn’t the case with AYM. Despoina always makes sure you are working in the best possibly way for you and of course your client. I have learnt that if I am relaxed and it feels good to me then it will definitely feel good for my client.
Because this is a school there are therapists working at all levels so should meet most peoples budget, so if you’re looking for affordable therapy that works, this is for you.

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Actual heaven… heavenly heavenly magic. I came out feeling so so relaxed and invigorated at once, if that’s even possible

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This was just such an incredible massage! Despina has such incredible skill knowing when to do deep work that releases the muscles and tension, alongside more relaxing work that meant I really sunk into the massage. I felt really energised and able to move my body after the session and will absolutely be booking in with her again. What a joy to have such an intuitive and skilled massage therapist in Leeds!

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Despina Ayurvedic massage just blew me away. I didn’t know anything about it before hand but it’s a very holistic massage experience from the room ambience, all your senses are stimulated. Then comes the massage itself, I can only describe it as an amazing experience of letting go of your body in that moment. I had a 2 hour massage and I think it’s the complete experience, a gift one must give oneself very often. Thank you Despina.

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Alison Grace, Choreographer

Despina’s AYM teaching has given me the skills to practice on different bodies in a safe and sensitive way. I always come away from her classes feeling good in my own body too!


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Alistair Findlay, Level 2 Therapist

Just completed the AYM L1 / L2 training with Despina, I loved the relaxed atmosphere and her hands-on approach to teaching. It quickly became apparent that not only was Despina an amazing massage therapist, she was also a natural teacher which allowed myself and the other students to quickly gain confidence in what we were doing. The combination of demonstration, detailed handouts and frequent massage practise sessions worked brilliantly. Whether you’re a massage therapist looking to learn AYM or just looking to add to your life skills I would highly recommend attending one of Despina’s workshops or training courses.

Alastair Findlay, Therapist, Aberdeen

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Amanda Crossfield

I really enjoyed learning AYM with Despina, she is extremely knowledgeable and has a wealth of experience that she is able to pass on. The courses are informative, and practical with loads of hand-on practice. I learnt so much! And I thoroughly enjoyed them!


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This is the second time I’ve had the pleasure of completing the L1-2 AYM training with Despina. The course is amazing and it was lovely to have an intimate and friendly group in a perfect space. Despina is an excellent teacher who made sure that we were all understanding the techniques and feeling comfortable in our own bodies whilst we practiced the techniques. It’s an intense but deeply nourishing few days of training completely focussed on giving and receiving treatments. Also getting to experience Despina’s massage not only felt amazing but helped me understand what feels great on a client. As a yoga teacher I feel that these techniques combine perfectly with yoga and are popular with my students. Can’t wait for levels 3-4 and I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in a deeply relaxing, effective and grounding massage style.

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Christina Bolt

“I was lucky enough to attend Levels 1-4 in Greece with Despina. Not only is she a fantastic teacher, creating easy to follow content and notes but also a fantastic host. I’ve rarely eaten such wonderful food, the beaches were beautiful, the villages we visited all unique and lovely and the people open and generous.

I learnt so much in those 2 weeks it’s almost hard to believe! Back home Despina stays in contact to help with any future learning, gives tips for setting up your business and has brought me in contact with a whole new group of wonderful people as a support network. Fantastic!”

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Doctor Yogi

Despina is the real deal when it comes to ayurvedic yoga massage. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the body and is a natural teacher. I have no doubt that you will love these workshops and will carry the skills you learn with you through the rest of your life.

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Filipa Pinto, Level 2 Therapist

Despina is a great teacher. I enjoyed doing L1-2 and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to do this life changing course. I also believe this is the most complete and effective massage course I have done.


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The course with Despina was life changing for me. I had studied other styles of massage for a couple of years before this course, but I was growing to feel quiet disheartened with it all, restricted by the small number of massage techniques available, and restricted by using a massage bed and what that meant for my posture. Ayurvedic yoga massage (AYM) felt completely different straight away: it is done on a futon on the floor, which means we can use different body parts and our body weight to get the most out of our movements and to get maximum benefit for the client. There are also a huge range of techniques and approaches that can be taken, allowing practitioners to truly tailor any treatment to the client and their needs. I absolutely love it and can’t believe how lucky I am that this practice is in my life.

I cannot emphasise enough what a truly amazing teacher Despina is: Her love and passion for AYM is instantly clear and inspiring. The techniques are taught in a thorough, well thought out way, and the teaching is adapted to the students’ pace and learning styles, so that all students can get the most from the course. The resources are also very thorough, and along with the weekly mentorship calls which are available, and the AYM community that you can join once finished, you leave the course feeling well supported.

The location of the course at We Are Wellness in Leeds (also the location of the AYM treatment rooms) is beautiful. I found the whole experience of learning AYM with Despina deeply nurturing, nourishing and, as I mentioned at the start, life changing. Thank you, I am eternally grateful.

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Jaroslava Tomanova, University Student 

Great experience! I attended the Head, neck and face workshop and definitely would recommend it. It made me very excited to give more massages to my friends and family and learn more. I have no previous experience with learning massage technique (apart from nice looking youtube videos). I think Despina is a great teacher. The 4 hour workshop was well structured and planned, we had time to receive some theoretical knowledge, watch her demonstrate the technique, practice on each other and share our reflections and feedback at the end of the session. Very impressive planning I think! She brought a printed guide with photos and instructions for everyone – which I loved (you can take your own notes or write directly in the guide). She brought shared lunch so we had time to socialize, eat and get to know each other little bit more. I really liked her open approach to everyone’s own techniques, tastes and needs. Overall fantastic experience.


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Joy Ng, Level 5 Therapist

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Practitioner

If you wish to take Level 5, you’re committing to providing a level of service that goes beyond yourself and your ego. Levels 1-4 prepare you physically in your practice. Going through Level 5 for me is a journey of self-discovery, humility, and attunement to others. We sometimes forget we are conduits for healing, and only by emptying ourselves can healing take place for both the receiver and the giver.

I entered Level 5 thinking that I may become a more skillful therapist, and graduated with confidence that my practice is spiritually supported by the technique and community, and that I might somehow return to spread the AYM knowledge to others when the time comes.

I’m grateful to Despina and everyone I’ve met in this journey.Thank you! x ”

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I have just completed Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Therapist Training Levels 1-4 with Despina in London and I don’t really know how to put in words increadibly beautiful transformational experience I have just had, so I will mention just few things which make this training outstanding: 1. Despina is a real master in the field of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, her skills, knowledge, experience and professionalism go much beyond what average massage trainers can offer.
2. She is also super talented regarding the teaching skills, so you can be sure everything will be explained and demonstrated to you in a very clear and effective way and additionally you’ll get lots of guidance and advices regarding practical aspect of starting your own business.
3. The atmosphere is lovely, lots of joy, smile and understanding, there is a space for everybody’s needs, during the training in London everyone felt safe, respected and nurtured. Despina’s approach to her students embraces each student’s uniqueness and individualism while at the same time she creates sense of community and support for each other.
4. The amount and quality of this extraordinary massage you’ll receive yourself apart from giving it – are definitely important additional reasons why this training is absolutely fantastic unforgettable experience.
5. The training is 100% eco friendly and once you try Despina’s healthy delicious food you will want to get all the recipes to try them all by yourself, at least this happened to me 🙂

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I loved my course with Despina at the Hideout in Bristol. I love the adaptability of her approach to massage and to teaching it. I feel really supported and guided by her after the course as well. She is dedicated to helping her clients find thier way both during and after the course. Many thanks Despina. Highly recommended

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I followed my intuition only when I booked in for Despina’s course and how good that I’ve done! I wanted to improve my massage skill, find this school online and booked in for Level 1. Already on the first day of my training I loved it so much I decide to stay and learn more, so I have done Level 2 as well in one go. Despina is a highly skilled excellent teacher, with her kind and welcoming personality she made this amazing method so easy to learn. Also keeps pointing out the necessity for the comfortable positions of the therapist during the massage sessions. Highly recommend the course for anyone working with bodies and interested in massage. Thank you so much I can’t wait to develop my knowledge to the next level!

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Wow! Such an amazing experience, I learned much more than just a new massage technique, I felt like I spend 5 days in a perfect world, surrounded by beautiful and caring people, amazing vegan food and an a inspirational woman with a such an important mission Despina. From then I couldn’t stop to trying practice as much as I can to give people all the incredible benefits this massage can provide. Looking forward to seeing them again for the level 3-4!

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On the first day, there was a moment in time where I was wondering what I was putting myself through. However at the same time, there was something about the learning that was telling me that all I had to do was be patient. I have received great support during the sessions, all while I was experiencing excruciating lower back pain. Although, the support I got and the knowledge I gained on Ayurvedic yoga massage helped immensely and I was taught how to perform these stretches on both myself and others without further hurting myself. I’m looking forward to the next level and hopefully in the future, becoming a teacher myself, spreading the Ayurvedic ways to others.

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I recently completed my level 1& 2 training with Despina and it’s honestly changed my life. The training was very informative and Despina is such a patient teacher and a beautiful soul. The AYM community is so supportive and I feel I’ve made friends for life. It’s been a real journey of self acceptance and finding my passion. I would highly recommend the training to anyone, it’s Unlike any training course I’ve ever experienced. Thank you so much.

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Best massage ever!!!!!

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A great massage. This really helped with my trapped nerve issue. Also, lots of practical advice to help keep the area loose.

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Just to say the 6.2 training has transformed the way I give treatments. Allowing myself time to work on the parts that need attention even for the whole treatment, rather then thinking the whole body needs to get touched. Watching Despina do the case studies taught me so much. Not just that I have a lot to yet learn and experience but that we have been taught profound tools for healing. Thank you so much Despina

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Louisa Andrea

I recently completed the Level 1-2 training in Ayurvedic Yoga Massage with Despina and her team. I can honestly say it was an incredible experience. Despina has a very beautiful teaching style and made the group feel relaxed and acknowledged. The pace of learning was great. The lunches provided were soooo good! I would highly recommend this training for anyone interested in learning this powerful massage method. I will be signing up for further levels of training for sure! Thank you to all who made it happen.

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Alex Vuillot

I’ve had amazing experiences doing my L1-4 with Despina who brings such depth, warmth and nurture to the whole training. I always leave wanting to come back and learn more!

Absolutely recommend.

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Just an incredible experience all round! Really feel like I’ve learned so much from the course – I was too hard on myself at the start (and probably with the assessment too) but on reflection the techniques were so helpful and all the additional learning and knowledge has benefited my practice greatly. Just as an example I would not have known how to treat some of my clients had I not been given so much information, and now I am getting amazing feedback!!

Everyone possesses the skills, they just need developing and Despina took her time to make sure the whole group could develop and grow.

The method of AYM is beautiful, beneficial and can be applied in so many ways as well as it’s own modality.

Loved the healing space, loved my groups to study with, really feel like we’ve formed a community as well as gaining knowledge in our own ways. More to the point I was experiencing my own trauma, mental health difficulties and bodily aches and being surrounded by such good vibes helped me reevaluate things in my life and I feel like a better person from just 2 weeks!!

I can’t thank you enough!!

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