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Amber Rose


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Brixton, Lambeth, London, SW97JT


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I am a London-born and based therapist. Growing up in London and living through some extreme experiences, I feel has gifted me to become an open-minded and highly empathic person. Through bodywork, I have learned to help and guide others into understanding themselves and healing on deep emotional and physical levels. I am currently practicing from my home studio, in Brixton as well as doing mobile treatments. I also work at events and festivals.

I assist Despina with AYM UK therapist trainings and am working towards my teaching certification. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and skills with others. I sometimes work on community inclusion projects, some include crisis homeless charity, elephant and castle community hub, and the sensory alchemists.

I have an interest in the life experiences and trauma that we all hold in our bodies from the current to the past, as well as multigenerational. I’ve witnessed the profound and positive effects that massage can and does have on my clients’ lives. I am mind blown by the complexity of each of my clients’ individual needs and work closely with them, using my skills and experience to find the right course of treatment for each and every one of them which is always unique. In my sessions, I have a great awareness of touch trauma therapy and the nervous system, helping my clients to feel safe and nurtured is an important part of my practice. I like to have a multisensory approach to my treatments, giving attention to music, smells, oils, environment along with physical massage, as I’m aware of the effects all of these have on a person’s ability to relax and enjoy.

My dreams for the future; to continue to better myself, by learning more about my practice and how to adapt it to new challenges and situations. To continue to provide space and a high-quality service for my clients. To set up a community wellness space… To resonate in and share the love.

Mobile treatments requested outside of Zones 1-3, may incur further charges due to travel expenses.

What our clients say

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Amber’s massages make you fall into a sublimely blissful trance. You come round feeling a million dollars. The next day I always notice a difference in my mood. As a woman I feel more empowered and physically stronger and restored. Would highly recommend her, she’s the only masseuse I see!

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Amber’s passion as an AYM therapist really shines through her work ethic, attention to detail and thoroughness is second to none. I love that she makes you connected with your body and mind, leaving you feeling tranquil during and after treatment.  It’s an essential way for me to be able to release the stresses and strains of everyday life that can build up creating blockages and tension. No matter what walk of life you’re from I would recommend you book a treatment from Amber as its AMAZING!
1O out of 1O

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Her technique is unique. It has the power to heal the physical body and allow you to release your emotional blockages. All in all its a wonderful experience for the receiver.

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I had a massage when I was suffering from a stiff neck and lower back pain and I was genuinely surprised at how effective the treatment was in relieving both and that the improvement lasted.

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Amber is a very professional and caring practitioner. After AYM I felt fresher and lighter in my body. She knew exactly what I needed with consideration to my pain tolerance. I felt a big change in my wellbeing already after the first massage. I would definitely recommend her.

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Due to my work and 15hrs per day standing my back is constantly in pain. I have learnt now to live with it. Amber has a gift of reading your body, all the aching points and knots, and massaging them back to the relax point. Her energy and strong touch are like doing yoga for a week, but whilst daydreaming. One of best massages I’ve had.

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Amber, i can not describe how much of an amazing masseuse you are. I’ve had many different massages from different people… i can’t even compare yours to theirs. You really know where and what to do. I had the most wonderful massage and still feel so good. I cant wait to see you next time……. I can’t thank you enough (especially going through my grieving) for how relaxed my body became

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Amber is one of the most skilled and dynamic bodyworkers i have met outside of the Ayurvedic community of India. A deeply intuitive powerhouse, i haven’t hesitated in recommending her to others

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Amber is an accomplished massage therapist, i was suffering from a particularly bad neck and stiff shoulders, that had been troubling me for a few weeks. After one session with amber, i woke up the next morning with the pain significantly reduced. I had much more mobility in my shoulders and the anxiety and tension i experienced because of the pain was gone. I highly recommend her and will be having more sessions with her for preventative measures

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Amber, thank you so much for the massage yesterday. Apart from easing some of my long-standing hip pain, you loosened so much of the tension in my jaw, neck, and shoulders that last night for the first time in months, i slept like a baby without grinding my teeth

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A powerful experience with an amazing therapist. My first encounter with Ayurvedic  Yoga Massage, now i’m a convert. Great technique and beautiful energy

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I was honored to receive an Ayurvedic massage from the beautiful soul, Amber. At the time it was an amazing experience, I felt energies shift in my body and pain being released and actually leaving my body. By the time Amber had finished, I knew that there had been a major shift in my energies but nothing prepared me for the beautiful gift this shift gave me.

On leaving Amber’s home I had a strong feeling that I should visit my mother. She and I had been estranged for several years and despite previous attempts to heal this rift we had not been very successful. To be honest, I also had a deep resistance to visiting her, maybe fear of further rejection I am not sure but whatever it was it stopped me from reaching out to her despite encouragement to do so from my own son. But after visiting with Amber I felt much stronger and was desperate to see my mum again, the fear of rejection was less powerful than my need to reconnect with her. So while the feeling was strong I went straight to my mum’s house. Not only did she welcome me in but within minutes we were chatting and bantering as we did so long ago. I have missed that connection, I love my mum. I ended up staying with her for a few days. We slept together, we chatted away into the night, we laughed together, ate together, and cried together watching sad movies.  I can only put this change down to the amazing gift Amber gave me that morning. The fear was gone and I was left with overpowering unconditional love. I am so happy that I visited with Amber that day, whilst the massage itself was stimulating and healing what superseded that is the blessing of shifting old negative energies and resentment, allowing me to find peace with my mum again.

No words, no amount of money, nothing could repay Amber for what she gave me that day. She gave me back my mum, she removed the negative energies that kept me in my ego, refusing to allow me to reach out to her from a place of unconditional love.

Amber’s loving healing energy is so powerful in such a peaceful and quiet way, without her I would not have my mum in my life, this I fully believe. I will forever be grateful to you Amber and I pray we stay close for the rest of our incarnation.

More love and light than you could ever dream possible

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Amber’s therapeutic massage service is amazing and highly recommended! She is very sensitive to the needs of the client, conducting the sessions very professionally in pleasant relaxing surroundings. She has the strength and power to make a revealing impact on the aches and tensions of the muscles in a big guy like me with her stretches and acupressure. I’ve told my friends to book treatments with her too as i enjoyed being poked and pummelled so much, especially with the oils and the Ayurvedic herbal remedy infusions. It’s good to treat yourself with her

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