Therapist Training: Information and Booking

Our Training is Designed to Help You: 

  • promote your own physical and mental health by learning how to offer Ayurvedic Yoga Massage in a way that feels like a wellness practice for you as a therapist: we learn to work within our limits, the gentle movement should help us to maintain or develop our mobility and strength and help us recover from any injuries; treatments can be approached as a loving kindness meditation; we learn to develop trusting relationships with clients and to maintain healthy boundaries
  • learn to support the physical and mental health of your clients by developing in-depth understanding of the AYM techniques; developing your intuition regarding how and when to apply them, or how to amend them appropriately for your client; and how to offer a supportive, non-judgemental space so that clients can feel safe and nurtured through the therapist-client relationship
  • feel supported every step of the way: from setting up and developing your business, to having all your technique questions answered promptly and efficiently, to having a community of practice to share your concerns and celebrate your successes with..
  • Read more about how our trainings work, and how they can be life-changing.

Therapist Training Dates

*Leeds low cost accommodation options available*

We are in the process of improving our site and trainings! In the meantime please contact us if you are interested in training with us and we can outline the best options for you!
Leeds: 10th – 14th January Level 6

If you can’t find a date that suits you here, please join our mailing list to stay up to date as we announce future training dates. We offer trainings in London, Leeds, Bristol, Glasgow and Chios. We have found that once we train our students at a location, we need to be able to return regularly. This allows us to meet with our students, support the community, keep helping our graduates to develop as therapists, and to build their businesses. In the future, as some of our graduates complete their AYM Teacher Training, we will be able to offer therapist training programmes in more locations in the UK and abroad. We have just added our first training in Sweden! We are always happy to hear from prospective students, and we do our best to plan future training dates and locations around your needs.

Payment & Booking

If you would like to come and train in this beautiful method with us, simply fill in our prospective student application form. Once we receive your application form we will be in touch to set up your preferred payment method.

Each level costs £400 (our full rate) or £350 (our concession rate). Each of the levels 1-4 of the AYM technique training includes 15 hours (2.5 full days) of practical (classroom) training, several hours of theory and technique videos (the entire content of the training), and free membership into our mentorship support group (unlimited time) so our students and graduates can discuss their progress and questions with their classmates, other AYM therapists and their teacher. Students receive a 25% discount when repeating each levels 1-4 in order to secure level 5, and following that can repeat for free as a course assistant, deepening their practice and eventually working towards their AYM teacher training should they wish.

Further Information

For detailed information about our course material and what we cover during each level you can click on the information below. Please feel free to contact us directly if you need to discuss training to become an Ayurvedic Yoga Massage therapist with us. We understand that undertaking therapist training can be a big decision for students! We are happy to discuss your personal circumstances and help you choose the best training for you.

Student testimonials for our therapist trainings

Our students have some pretty amazing things to say about our trainings.. It's really interesting how everyone has a slightly different take.

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Client testimonials for our graduates

Read what people say about the AYM therapists we have trained! We do get some amazing feedback for our students.

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Therapist Training Level 1

We cover everything you need to get started as an Ayurvedic Yoga Massage therapist and set up your business. Because everything apart from the technique is taught online, this training provides excellent value, and we still have time to cover enough technique to offer a massage that will feel amazing, and will keep your clients coming back for more! The practical part of this training is usually covered in 2-3 full days.

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Therapist Training Level 2

In the Level 2 training we revise Level 1 techniques, and also build on the strong foundations that we have set in Level 1 to pick up the pace of teaching. In this way we add more techniques than the student has learned in Level 1, and students become much more confident practitioners. Level 2 therapists will be able to massage, soften, mobilise and stretch every part of the body from head to toe. The practical part of this training is usually covered over 2-3 full days.

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Training Levels 1 & 2

This is an opportunity to attend both L1 and L2 training. The practical (classroom) part of this training is usually covered over 5 days. Level 1 sets the foundations for your practice as well as teaching you some Ayurvedic Yoga Massage techniques. By level 2 our students' confidence and pace of learning increase dramatically, as we build on the foundations that we have set in Level 1. So the L2 training is a perfect complement to L1, and we highly recommend attending both levels at the same time, or in close succession.

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Therapist Training Level 3

Every time the student comes back for more training with us, we review and refine skills from previous training. By the time students come to Level 3 they are already well trained at body mechanics, and have some confidence in verbal and non verbal communication with the client. So this is a good time to delve into learning a much wider range of techniques, that will provide the students with the tools to respond to a very wide range of client needs.

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Training Level 4

In level 4 we revise L1-3, and we work on prioritising which AYM techiques to use, and in what way, to design and deliver treatments that best meet your client's needs. We practise really listening to our clients, and creating a supportive space. For this, we often need to challenge our own preconceptions.

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Therapist training Levels 3 & 4

This is an opportunity to complete the Levels 3 and 4 training together. We highly recommend that students attend Levels 3 and 4 in close succession, if not immediately after one another. In Level 3 we cover a lot of techniques to help with a wide range of client needs; and Level 4 is complementary, as we will practise prioritising which techniques to use to optimise treatments for client needs.

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Therapist training Levels 1-4

Our Level 1-4 training is suitable for those who want to launch their Ayurvedic Yoga Massage therapist careers, offering the quickest path to becoming an AYM therapist. You will of course still be well supported every step of the way, before, during and after your training!

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Therapist Training Level 5

Level 5 is the next level for Ayurvedic Yoga Massage therapists who would like to deepen their practice, become re-inspired, revise their skills and progress towards Assistant Teacher training

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Level 6 Parts 1 and 2

Requirements: The Level 6 training is open to Level 2 and above AYM Therapists. Ideally participants would be trained to…

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Residential Courses

You can do your therapist training as an intensive course with us in the sunshine. Find out about our residential trainings abroad.

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