Body and mind are connected, however it is not always easy to hear and understand their signals. My aim is to stimulate more awareness of the body and the signals it gives to you by Ayurvedic Yoga Massage. AYM is a very effective and relaxing way to feel your body’s needs, to stimulate deep relaxation and to improve movement. The combination of deep tissue oil massage followed by assisted yoga stretches, makes the effect of the massage last longer. I can easily adapt the massage to your needs due to the versatility of AYM techniques. You will feel safe and warm and after the session, more grounded.

I love receiving massage but it usually felt only superficially relaxing or not really improving problem areas. One massage therapist in Portugal was the exception, but I couldn’t find anyone comparable. Since the first workshops by Despina in NL I discovered that it was like AYM, so I found what I was looking for and even more than that. I also discovered that I love giving massage equally! 

I have trained with Despina in workshops, L1-4 and L5 in Chios, Greece (2017-2020). I have also assisted Despina during L1-4 training and workshops. Recently I joined L6.1 (side-lying for pregnancy and nerve pain) and L8 Teaching Workshops. 

Since January 2023 I am also teaching AYM workshops in The Netherlands, spreading the love for AYM! Soon I’ll start teaching L1 and 2 too. As a long time trainer in education, this is the perfect combination of my experience and passion! With every massage and training I give I also learn something new, which makes me very happy.