Dear prospective student, Thank you for your interest in studying Ayurvedic Yoga Massage with us! We are confident that you will love the AYM method and we will do our best to support you in your AYM journey before, during and after your training.

At this stage we need some personal information from you, and also to understand a little bit about your background, approach to wellness and what you are trying to get out of this training. We will use this information to inform the way we teach you, and also to ensure that we really are providing what you are looking for before we confirm your place in our training. You also need to read and understand the ethical guidelines and Code of Conduct that Ayurvedic Yoga Massage therapists need to follow, to protect our clients and so that we can practise legally in the UK. If you will be based abroad then get in touch with Despina, and she will check whether there are any additional requirements for practising AYM in your country.

Thank you for taking the time to send us your information! We will never share this information with anyone other than your teacher and our admin support assistant. We very much hope to see you at one of our trainings soon!


As you would like it to appear in your training certificates
We use your social media handles to tag you during therapist training and promote any offers that you may have post training, and in the future. This promotes both AYM and yourself. If you do not wish for us to share this information or this is not currently applicable please note this in the box
For our records only
We will use this to contact you with information and updates regarding this training through a course WhatsApp group, and to call you in case of any emergencies. Please let us know if you don’t use WhatsApp.
We will only use this in case of emergency
We will only use this in case of emergency
We will only use this in case of emergency
We will only use this in case of emergency
Please include the location, start date and level of the training.
Please provide a short explanation for your reasons
We have at times encountered students with such views, and unfortunately if that is the case we would have to decline your application. According to our ethical guidelines AYM practitioners need to be able to collaborate effectively with other health professionals for the benefit of our clients, and we need to follow government, health body and professional association health guidelines. We have found that practitioners who are deeply suspicious of the whole medical establishment have been unable to fulfil these requirements.
I am usually very good at catering for different diets. The food I provide is always whole food plant based, as much as possible fresh, local, organic and fairly traded. If you are following a very restrictive diet and it’s very unlikely that I will be able to cater for you let me know, and also let me know if there is any part of our meals that you might be able to share/anything I could still provide for you.
E.g. do you exercise regularly, do you practice yoga, can you sit comfortably on the floor? We have had people with all sorts of issues attend AYM training and become therapists, but if you have physical limitations you need to be aware that there will be extra challenges, and prepared to work through them. Please let us know if you have e.g. persistent back pain, knee issues, shoulder issues, shortness of breath when exercising.
You can find our ethical guidelines here:
Please note Yes, No, I would like to remain out of camera shot (if applicable) and/or I would like to sign off on any images used first.
Please provide some brief clarifications with your answer, rather than a list of qualifications/experience.
Concessions are available for anyone who is on benefits, from a disadvantaged socioeconomic background, a refugee, a full time students on a low income or facing financial difficulties for a different reason at the moment (Please Expand if so)
You can find our cancellation policy here: