Administrative and support staff

Running a massage school is a lot of work! And we want to provide the best possible level of support for our students, prospective students, graduates, and for their clients and the AYM community.. So we have some talented, passionate people helping with the admin side of things, and publicity. All of our support staff are qualified AYM therapists and work with us on a part time basis, to collectively cover all of your needs!

Jacqueline Lawrence

After receiving AYM over many years, Jacqueline qualified as a therapist in 2021. We believe both Jacqueline and AYM fell in love with each other! She’s one of our most dedicated students, with a level 6 qualification and is one of our assistant teachers, training to become an AYM teacher in the coming months. With a previous 15 year career as a care and support worker, she is the perfect addition to the team. Jacqueline works alongside Roxy to answer any questions you may have as a prospective or current client or therapist. Being primarily based at We Are Wellness she spearheads our Leeds treatment room, and works alongside Despina to develop and refine our course materials. Contact her on 07590 924197

Sophie Grace Lewis

Sophie joined us in 2022, after qualifying as a L4 therapist and taking our Leeds treatment room by storm. With many years admin experience in the wellness world and a dedicated yoga practice, Sophie is currently on her training trajectory to teach. She provides support behind the scenes and coordinates our customer orders. If you would like to purchase more lungis or Acorus calamus powder you can message her on 07834 371171

Roxy Hawkes

Roxy joined us in 2021, after many years of holding an admin role at Leeds Beckett University. She understands how a school runs, and provides excellent support to our students. As a prospective student or graduate, if you need anything (other than questions regarding the AYM technique), Roxy is the person to ask! Roxy has also been receiving AYM treatments for years, and fully understands the value of the technique. She is also now a qualified L1&2 AYM therapist! So she really understands the needs of our students.

Roxy is brilliant at keeping things running, and at thinking creatively about how we can improve our processes to better serve the needs of our students and clients.

You can get in touch with her  on email using our contact form or on Whatsapp via 07579831771 if you need assistance

Lucy Neal

Lucy is a talented, intuitive and loving therapist, who is particularly good at communicating and connecting with people from all walks of life and backgrounds. She joined our team in 2021, to help us with our social media, as she is just brilliant at seeing what is good for us to share, so that people who have not heard about AYM will hear about the technique, and hopefully come across opportunities to benefit from AYM treatments and trainings. She really helps us to keep offering content that is useful and valuable to the community.

Lucy has also been receiving AYM for years and she has completed her Level 1-2 training in 2021, intending to continue her training in the coming years.

She is also excellent at helping to publicise our graduates! Which we are extremely grateful for.