We have designated Ayurvedic Yoga Massage UK treatment rooms in London and Leeds, and we also keep a list of some of our graduates who have their own treatment spaces and have openings for new clients.

AYM UK treatment rooms

AYM gift cards

Give the gift of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage! What could be better? Our gift cards can be used for treatments with any of our therapists, in any of our treatment rooms.

Therapist directory

To help you find a therapist near you if you are not near one of our treatment rooms, we have listed some of the therapists who we have trained, who currently have availability for new clients. Most of the therapists we have trained are in the UK, but we have trained many therapists abroad too, so some of our trained therapists who live in Spain are also included in the directory. You can contact the therapists directly to book in with them.

AYM UK therapist directory