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Hello, I’m Helena. I am an Ayurvedic Yoga Massage therapist based in Leeds.

I first became interested in yoga and massage when I was struggling most with my mental and physical health, midway through a chemistry degree which just wasn’t working out. I was finding it difficult to connect with my own body and to feel present in the moment and the real world. I tried an AYM massage on a whim and fell in love!

Flash forward 6 months, and I’ve left uni to pursue a career in AYM. It’s an amazing healer, and every massage I give as a therapist brings me so much joy.

AYM is about connection. It connects the client to their body, and the client to their therapist.

I have a particular interest in the effects of AYM on my clients’ mental health. Often, I meet clients who are overwhelmed by their careers, social anxieties or mental illness, and with so much stress swirling their minds that they struggle to centre themselves and enjoy life. As the massage quietens your mind and draws your attention to your body and your breath, your parasympathetic ventral vagus nerve is activated, which is an essential physiological method of healing your mental health. Even the simple act of booking in time for self-care can be so beneficial!

For more information on availability, discounts, benefits, and what to expect from a treatment, check out my instagram @calmingpalms_aym

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Amazing massage! I felt so relaxed and calm with Helena, it was a very professional experience. She also caters the session to your individual needs, would 100% recommend!

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“Ayurvedic massage? What on earth is that?” was my initial response. Well now I know. It’s a massage that is more in tune, more focussed and more beneficial than any massage I’ve experienced before. Ayurvedic massage work. Like really works.
I would describe it as an intelligent form of massage that felt more in tune, more focused and more beneficial than any massage I’ve had before. I came to Helena with a stiff, painful neck that had been causing me problems for several weeks. The moment Helena started the massage I realised I was in the hands of someone who understood the body and was responding to exactly what I needed. It was as if there was a dialogue going on between the knots, aches and tensions in my body and her intuitive hands. She was quick to locate the source of my tension and used a combination of deep pressure, stretches and yoga to release the stiffness. Needless to say I left feeling reset and rejuvenated. A totally bespoke experience.

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Helena was fantastic; professional yet friendly and considerate throughout the appointment. I’d highly recommend her to anybody hoping to have a first-class Ayurvedic massage!

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