Sarah Level 4 Therapist

Before COVID I was working in events and entertainment, mid lockdown I knew that I needed a change in work options for two reasons, less stress and more work potential. I have always wanted to complete a massage course and be able to feel confident with what I was doing. What style of massage was a question that kept coming up for me. I had researched courses available during our exit of first lockdown and I thank the universe everyday for guiding me to Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, AYM. I signed up for a course in London and was advised due to COVID it would not be going ahead but that there was an online introduction to the training that I could do and then when lockdown eased I could complete the practical side of the course. I suddenly became excited, I had also gone to Despina to receive a massage just to make sure it was the right style for me to learn and what Despina was like, if I would enjoy learning from her as a teacher.
The massage itself was incredible, Despina is full of wisdom and kindness. I felt my muscles releasing tension almost instantly.
I completed the online introduction training and it was informative and at a perfect pace to take in all the information. In April 2021 when we were able to resume in person classes, I attended level 1 – 4 and from the moment we started I was hooked. Despina carefully explains and demonstrates each part of the sequences and the reason behind each movement. Her guidance through the techniques and corrections are easy to understand and the way Despina helps you adjust not only the technique but also your positioning is amazing. This helps you as a therapist not to over strain and makes everything feel more natural.
I enjoyed this course so much it has sparked me to progress in my learning of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage and continue under the tuition and guidance of Despina and AYM UK. I would recommend anyone interested in learning massage, anyone who is caring for someone and wants to give them extra support and healing, anyone who just wants to learn some techniques for self massage and anyone interested in turning to a holistic career.