Island Soul Yoga

Sarah’s massages are the perfect antidote for busy modern life.
Her attentive and sensitive touch always manages to find the spots that require some pressure. She seamlessly flows to these places in a gradual way, helping you stay relaxed as she works into them.
Throughout the whole treatment I always feel completely supported and held by Sarah’s confident touch. She knows when to apply more pressure and equally when to ease off. She also asks what I want for the treatment and really applies this. Whether it’s to be more relaxed, energised or work in a physically remedial way, Sarah does a great job of redirecting the format of the session. The combination of deep tissue massage, pressure point work and assisted stretches leaves me feeling so balanced and recentred by the end, it really is a holistic treatment that brings the whole self together. Don’t wait any longer, get booked in and gift yourself some time to pause and rejuvenate with Sarah!