I first met Despina when I was pregnant and attended a pregnancy massage workshop so my partner could learn some massage techniques to ease some of the discomfort that comes with being pregnant. Despina was able to guide my partner with clear instruction and understanding, he was confident in massaging my sore points and easing my discomfort at the end. Despina was very easy to get a long with. I have since (not pregnant) had the most amazing AY massage from Despina. Both of which have inspired me to train with her at her AYM school. I have just attended a weekend level 2 course. The knowledge and guidance Despina has to offer is exceptional. I feel so amazing after a weekend course and just can’t wait to get practicing on friends and family. I have learnt techniques that I never thought I would be able to do. The massage feels amazing to receive and practice. The assisted stretches and tractions, and the fact we work on the floor (using body weight through our hands, arm and feet) make this a massage therapy like no other, oh and we use oil! I have tried different therapies over the years to help ease tension in my shoulders, but none have come close to AYM.
I have always wanted to train in massage but was put off by how much strain massage therapy puts on the therapist, but this isn’t the case with AYM. Despoina always makes sure you are working in the best possibly way for you and of course your client. I have learnt that if I am relaxed and it feels good to me then it will definitely feel good for my client.
Because this is a school there are therapists working at all levels so should meet most peoples budget, so if you’re looking for affordable therapy that works, this is for you.