Therapist trainings cancellation policy


Deposits are not refundable, apart from the unlikely event that we need to cancel or reschedule your training.

  • If you cancel your booking more than 4 weeks before the start of your training, we will transfer 90% of your deposit to a future training of your choice, within a year of your initial booking.
  • If you cancel your booking 2-4 weeks prior to your course start date we will transfer 50% of your deposit to a future training.
  • If you need to cancel nearer the time, we may allow you to transfer your deposit to a future training if there is an unavoidable reason for the cancellation, such as bereavement, or serious illness or injury.


The remainder of your course fees are fully refundable even closer to the start of the training, as we understand that the course fees represent significant amounts for most of our students.

We understand that last minute cancellations are sometimes unavoidable, and that is built into our business model and reflected in the pricing of the trainings. However, lately we have been getting last minute cancellations with alarming frequency, even when it appears that we could have been notified earlier on. Having as many last minute cancellations as we have been getting recently is unsustainable without changing the structure of the trainings or increasing prices. Please keep that in mind and if anything arises that will make it impossible for you to attend, try to notify us as early on as possible. If you cancel with a lot of warning, you will at least give us the chance to advertise your place in time with the hope that we will still see you at a future training. Transferring to a different course several weeks before the start of your training (or a few months for the residential trainings) is not a problem at all.