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Julie Gill


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Julie completed her BSc Hons in Exercise and Health in 1997, and then proceeded to set up her own a community based exercise and health business. In 2017 Julie trained as a complementary therapist, and in 2018 she came across AYM and fell in love with the method instantly. She booked herself on the next available training and completed L1-2 in Leeds with Despina.

After introducing AYM to her established clients, 99% of them changed from receiving Swedish massage to AYM. Julie then travelled to Portugal to attend her Levels 3-4 Ayurvedic Yoga Massage training with Despina.

The training is intense and Julie felt deeply honoured to be able to be part of this amazing tradition, she finds AYM an incredible treatment to both give and receive and, as you can see from her testimonials, clients are not be disappointed with her AYM treatments! Julie loves to incorporate the stretches and tractions in her treatments and loves to use her intuition to finetune treatments to client needs.

Julie still teaches and practises exercise classes, and also enjoys woodwork, gardening, walking, dancing and yoga (as well as her many other talents and hobbies!), so if you are out and about or exercising a lot, she will know first hand how to work with you!

She loves welcoming clients from a breadth of backgrounds who are new to AYM, and seeing them discover what the method can do for them – it’s like discovering a whole new world! She particularly enjoys offering relaxing sessions, or including relaxing parts in her more intense, remedial sessions).

Julie also recently trained in AYM for pregnancy with Despina, which enables her to take some of the stress and strain off the expecting mothers and to create tailor-made relaxation and pain relieving pregnancy massage treatments.

I have access to treatment rooms in South Leeds (most days) and Headingley (Thursdays 4-8.30 pm). I can offer tailored treatments of whatever duration is necessary for the client, anything from a 30 min taster/follow up session to a 2-hour full body treatment with some time to work more on the areas that need more work.

30 mins – £30
45 mins – £40
60 mins – £50
75 mins – £60
90 mins – £70
120 mins – £90

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I woke up this morning and I haven’t got any pain! You’ve also made me feel good about my body image, my body feels toned, I love how my skin feels, I’m feeling marvelous and less self conscious. I can’t thank you enough Jules for what you’ve done for me! You have definitely got healing hands (and feet!), ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC.

(Alison suffers from a bulging disk in her low back/sacrum area, which is pressing on her nerve root, so is usually in constant pain).

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