Legs and Stretches Workshop


Our workshops are a fantastic way to dip your toe into Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, to understand some simple techniques that you can use on friends and family, without having to do a full therapist training. 

Workshops also suit therapists from other disciplines who would like to add some AYM strokes and stretches to their existing practice, and yoga teachers who either want to improve their hands-on adjustments, or want to understand the body better by experiencing the quality of muscles at the same time as observing how far those muscles can stretch.

This 4 hour workshop covers massaging the legs with the hands and feet and, depending how we get on with time, some leg, knee and/or ankle stretches.

Massaging the legs with the hands is wonderful and the stretches feel like heaven afterwards. People are often surprised how much better they feel after massage plus stretches, compared to just massage. This workshop also includes one of Despina’s personal favourites – walking on the legs. Don’t be daunted, it’s not difficult, in fact it’s much easier than massaging the legs with your hands! And it’s one of the parts of an AYM session where people are surprised how amazing it feels.

What we cover

  • Learn the techniques to massage with your hands and feet as used in Ayurvedic Yoga Massage.
  • Learn a routine to massage the legs.
  • Learn the AYM favourite move ‘walking on the legs’!
  • Learn assisted stretches you can deliver as part of a massage.

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