Therapist Training Level 5


Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Level 5 provides you with a valuable space to go over Levels 1-4 again. Now that you are a skilled therapist it becomes quite a different learning experience when you revisit things previously learnt. You might pick up on things missed when getting started. If you’ve been practicing AYM for a while and haven’t done any training this is a great way to touch back in.

Like an art, massage is a skill that you are constantly developing and evolving. You will deepen and refine your skills, turning you into an expert AYM therapist.  It’s difficult to explain just how useful this is, but by the time you finish L4 you will have seen how much better you get with repetition, the opportunity to have more supervised practice, ask the right questions and receive personalised feedback addressed at helping you develop as a therapist in the most effective way.

This is a 60hr course, typically delivered over 8 – 10 days.

After Level 5 people can repeat the course as assistants. Experienced assistants can get paid or trained up to start teaching, adding another potential income stream for your business.

Read more about the experience of going to Level 5 in this blog from student and therapist Joy Ng.

What we cover

  • All the content from Levels 1 – 4 trainings.
  • Reflections, questions and self discovery sessions to deepen your skills as a therapist
  • Deepen your knowledge around supporting the needs of your clients.

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What our clients say

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Joy Ng

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Practitioner

If you wish to take Level 5, you’re committing to providing a level of service that goes beyond yourself and your ego. Levels 1-4 prepare you physically in your practice. Going through Level 5 for me is a journey of self-discovery, humility, and attunement to others. We sometimes forget we… Read More