Training Level 4


Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Therapist Training at Level 4 is about refining and reflecting on your skills and role as a therapist. This becomes so valuable as you deliver more massages and you gather questions, experiences and want to discuss these with peers.

There will be time to review techniques, notice any bad habits that might have been picked up as you’ve been delivering. Therefore it is a wonderful course to do as a refresher if it’s been a while since you connected.

This training will help you improve your clients experience before, during and after a massage.

What we cover

During level 4 you will receive a lot of feedback and what you have learned in L1-3 will be solidified.

  • The aim of this training is reflecting on experiences, asking questions, and getting tailored guidance to meet your needs as a therapist.
  • Learn how to create a perfect setting for massage, and appropriate aftercare.
  • Develop your ability to refine a massage to suit the needs of a client, understanding good sequencing.

Upcoming Events

Location Date Level Book
Bethnal Green, London, UK February 15, 12:00am - February 16, 12:00am Level 4
Headingley, Leeds, UK February 22, 12:00am - February 23, 12:00am Level 4
Alkalize Me, Leegate Shopping Centre, London, SE12 8SS March 9, 12:00am - March 13, 12:00am Level 3 Level 4
Leeds, UK August 8, 12:00am - August 9, 12:00am Level 4
Bethnal Green, London, UK January 9, 12:00am - January 10, 12:00am Level 4

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