Training Level 4


Offering massage is a science and an art. We have to conceptually understand the needs of the client, but also to be able to connect with our clients’ needs on an emotional level, and really listen to what the client is telling us, and our own intuition, as to how to work with the client on the day of their treatment. In Level 4 we practice doing consultations, really listening, and designing sessions aimed to address client needs on the day. Students also offer full sessions, so we get the opportunity to provide feedback on technique, on how to design sessions (prioritise what to work on and in what way), how to check our proposed plan for the session with the client, technique and time management during the session.

I call these sessions “psychotherapy for Ayurvedic Yoga Massage therapists”, as often any preconceptions that we have about massage, ourselves and people in general will become apparent, and we can work on them in a safe space. Therapists often err towards offering treatments that resemble what we (as therapists) need to receive, which is why most therapists end up working with clients who have very similar needs to our own. But a good therapist should be able to consciously shift the focus, intensity and objectives of the session to a very wide range of different client needs. Otherwise we become “one gear” therapists and we miss out on being able to connect with a wide range of clients.

If we look deep within ourselves, we can really connect with a very wide range of clients, and deeply understand their needs and how to serve them best. Ultimately, to really work on communicating and supporting our clients on a deep level, we need to keep working on ourselves, and this is a part of the massage therapist’s path. In Level 4 we set off on our path of self discovery, challenging our own assumptions, becoming ever more accepting and non judgemental of our clients, and ever more able to listen more closely to their needs, and respond to them appropriately.

What we cover

During level 4 you will receive a lot of feedback and what you have learned in L1-3 will be solidified, and we will work on prioritising which Ayurvedic Yoga Massage techiques to use, and in what way, to design and deliver treatments that best meet your client’s needs on the day.

  • The aim of this training is reflecting on experiences, asking questions, and getting tailored guidance to meet your needs as a therapist.
  • Develop your ability to refine a massage to suit the needs of a client, understanding good sequencing.
  • Challenging our own assumptions as to what makes a treatment effective

What we offer beyond the online and practical training

With all of our trainings we offer:

  • Two one-hour mentorship sessions in the two weeks after your training
  • Option to join our amazing value mentorship programme via Zoom, for ongoing support in real time
  • One year access to all training resources online
  • One year free student membership of the Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Therapists Association
  • Easy access to a supportive community of therapists. We invite you to organise treatment swaps with your peers locally (we have therapists practically everywhere in the UK and in a few locations abroad). When you receive AYM from other therapists you get embodied experience, and when you massage other AYM therapists they can give you incredibly informative feedback for your treatments. This is the best way to launch you towards being an successful therapist, with the kind of communication skills and touch that puts your clients at ease, and helps them feel amazing from the first ot the last moment of their session with you.


Upcoming Events

Location Date Level Book
Leeds, UK September 17, 1:30pm - December 19, 5:30pm Level 4
Glasgow, UK October 20, 2:30pm - October 22, 5:30pm Level 4
Aldgate, London, UK November 13, 10:00am - November 17, 5:30pm Level 3 Level 4
Aldgate, London, UK November 15, 2:00pm - November 17, 5:00pm Level 4
Bristol, UK December 13, 10:00am - December 17, 5:30pm Level 3 Level 4
Bristol, UK December 15, 1:30pm - December 17, 5:30pm Level 4
Aldgate, London, UK March 11, 2:00pm - March 13, 5:00pm Level 4
Glasgow, UK April 6, 2:30pm - April 8, 5:30pm Level 4
Bristol, UK June 27, 10:00am - July 1, 5:30pm Level 3 Level 4
Bristol, UK June 29, 1:00pm - July 1, 5:30pm Level 4
Aldgate, London, UK July 18, 2:00pm - July 20, 5:00pm Level 4

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