Therapist Training Level 3


Level 3 includes many more techniques, as well as continuous work on the quality of touch, breath, pace, communication with the client, appropriate intensity of stretches. The pace of students’ learning is much faster by L3, so we are able to cover many more techniques, that give therapists the tools to deal with a wide range of client needs.

What we cover

This training is aimed at refining your learnings following on from levels 1 & 2 and building confidence.

  • Learn more assisted stretches to include in your therapies. People, especially those who do yoga, absolutely love these!
  • Learn about client needs such as various injuries and conditions and the tools you need to really help with them.
  • Practice what you learned in L1-2, and have the opportunity to ask questions and clarify anything that you still find difficult.

What we offer beyond the online and practical training

With all of our trainings we offer:

  • Two one-hour mentorship sessions in the two weeks after your training
  • Option to join our amazing value mentorship programme via Zoom, for ongoing support in real time
  • One year access to all training resources online
  • One year free student membership of the Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Therapists Association
  • Easy access to a supportive community of therapists. We invite you to organise treatment swaps with your peers locally (we have therapists practically everywhere in the UK and in a few locations abroad). When you receive AYM from other therapists you get embodied experience, and when you massage other AYM therapists they can give you incredibly informative feedback for your treatments. This is the best way to launch you towards being an successful therapist, with the kind of communication skills and touch that puts your clients at ease, and helps them feel amazing from the first ot the last moment of their session with you.

Upcoming Events

Location Date Level Book
Leeds, UK September 15, 10:00am - September 17, 1:30pm Level 3
Glasgow, UK October 18, 10:30am - October 20, 1:30pm Level 3
Aldgate, London, UK November 13, 10:00am - November 15, 1:00pm Level 3
Bristol, UK December 13, 10:00am - December 17, 5:30pm Level 3 Level 4
Bristol, UK December 13, 10:00am - December 15, 1:30pm Level 3
Aldgate, London, UK March 9, 10:00am - March 11, 1:00pm Level 3
Glasgow, UK April 4, 10:30am - April 6, 1:30pm Level 3
Bristol, UK June 27, 10:00am - July 1, 5:30pm Level 3 Level 4
Bristol, UK June 27, 10:00am - June 29, 1:30pm Level 3
Aldgate, London, UK July 16, 10:00am - July 18, 1:00pm Level 3

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What our clients say

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Ali Henry

Massage therapist and trainer, London, UK

I don’t say that lightly as I am a massage therapist myself, constantly on the mission to find THE massage that hits all the tight niggly spots, relaxes and revives, stretches my bones, soothes the soul and sends me floating off on my own little blissed out journey. Despina’s strong… Read More
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Sajni Shah


I’ve really enjoyed every minute of my learning journey with Despina and feel that I have gained so much more than just being able to practice AYM! As well as being an amazing therapist, Despina is an approachable, supportive, attentive and collaborative teacher. Ever since the first workshop I did with her… Read More