Therapist Training Level 2


Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Level 2 is an intensive 15-hour course. At this stage you are still learning the principles of AYM and body dynamics, so we revise Level 1 (Level 1 course is a prerequisite), and add in new techniques to complement the L1 sequence. Every training you attend you increase your tool box of AYM skills, improving your full body treatments.

Part of this second level is to really start to improve your skills in deciding how much stretching is suitable for the client.

The 15 hours will be covered over a weekend, i.e. two 8.5 hour days including breaks. 

We also offer a Level 1-2 intensive course.

What we cover

This training is aimed at giving you a foundation to get you started.

  • Learn the sequence to effectively massage the front of the body with the client face up.
  • This includes the front of the legs, adductors, quadriceps, abductors, knees; massaging the abdomen and the chest; the neck, head and face. 
  • Learn stretches for when the client is lying face up, and a few more stretches with the client in a seated position. 

Upcoming Events

Location Date Level Book
Alkalize Me, Leegate Shopping Centre, London, SE12 8SS March 2, 12:00am - March 6, 12:00am Level 1 Level 2
Bethnal Green, London, UK May 9, 12:00am - May 10, 12:00am Level 2
York, UK May 26, 12:00am - May 27, 12:00am Level 2
Manchester, UK May 30, 12:00am - May 31, 12:00am Level 2
London, UK June 20, 12:00am - June 21, 12:00am Level 2
Glasgow, UK August 15, 12:00am - August 16, 12:00am Level 2
Leeds, UK October 10, 12:00am - October 11, 12:00am Level 2
London, UK November 21, 12:00am - November 22, 12:00am Level 2

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