Therapist Training Level 2


Level 2 includes more techniques, and indications and contra-indications for each technique. The students’ pace of learning is faster by L2, as they already understand how the body needs to be touched/moved, and their own body mechanics. By combining L1&2 techninques you can offer a complete full body massage which will leave your clients feeling like they’re walking on clouds. We continue to work on the therapist’s body dynamics, our energy and pace during the treatment, the breath, appropriate levels and surface areas of pressure, and working out how much to stretch depending on client needs.

The practical part of this training is usually covered in 2-3 full days, the online materials are available from 2 weeks before the start of the practical training and for one year afterwards.

We also offer a Level 1-2 intensive training.

What we cover

This training is aimed at giving you a foundation to get you started.

  • Learn the sequence to effectively massage the front of the body with the client face up.
  • This includes the front of the legs, adductors, quadriceps, abductors, knees; massaging the abdomen and the chest; the neck, head and face. 
  • Learn stretches for when the client is lying face up, and a few more stretches with the client in a seated position. 

What we offer beyond the online and practical training

With all of our trainings we offer:

  • Two one-hour mentorship sessions in the two weeks after your training
  • Option to join our amazing value mentorship programme via Zoom, for ongoing support in real time
  • One year access to all training resources online
  • One year free student membership of the Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Therapists Association
  • Easy access to a supportive community of therapists. We invite you to organise treatment swaps with your peers locally (we have therapists practically everywhere in the UK and in a few locations abroad). When you receive AYM from other therapists you get embodied experience, and when you massage other AYM therapists they can give you incredibly informative feedback for your treatments. This is the best way to launch you towards being an successful therapist, with the kind of communication skills and touch that puts your clients at ease, and helps them feel amazing from the first ot the last moment of their session with you.


Upcoming Events

Location Date Level Book
Glasgow, UK October 13, 2:30pm - October 15, 5:30pm Level 2
Aldgate, London, UK November 8, 2:00pm - November 10, 5:00pm Level 2
Bristol, UK December 8, 1:00pm - December 10, 5:00pm Level 2
Bristol, UK December 6, 10:00am - December 10, 5:00pm Level 1 Level 2
Aldgate, London, UK March 4, 2:00pm - March 6, 5:00pm Level 2
Glasgow, UK March 30, 2:30pm - April 1, 5:30pm Level 2
Bristol, UK June 20, 10:00am - June 24, 5:00pm Level 1 Level 2
Bristol, UK June 22, 1:00pm - June 24, 5:00pm Level 2
Aldgate, London, UK July 11, 2:00pm - July 13, 5:00pm Level 2

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