Therapist Training Level 1


Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Level 1 is an intensive 15-hour course, which teaches you our extremely effective AYM sequence. The 15 hours will be covered over a weekend, i.e. two 8.5 hour days including breaks.

What we cover

This training is aimed at giving you a foundation to get you started.

  • Learn a sequence to effectively massage the back, the most common request for massages, with the client lying face down. 
  • The sequence will also cover how to massage the legs, hands and feet, so you’ll feel confident to give a well rounded treatment. 
  • You’ll learn how to stretch the client while they lie down and in seated. 
  • Leave feeling confident to offer an AYM 60-90min massage.

Upcoming Events

Location Date Level Book
67 Roman Road, London E2 0QN, UK November 9, 10:00am - November 10, 6:30pm Level 1
Newby Place, London E14, UK November 23, 10:00am - November 24, 6:30pm Level 1
Headingley, Leeds, UK December 4, 10:00am - December 6, 4:00pm Level 1
Glasgow, UK March 14, 10:00am - March 15, 6:30pm Level 1
Bethnal Green, London, UK April 18, 10:00am - April 19, 6:30pm Level 1

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What our clients say

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Just completed the AYM L1 / L2 training with Despina, I loved the relaxed atmosphere and her hands-on approach to teaching. It quickly became apparent that not only was Despina an amazing massage therapist, she was also a natural teacher which allowed myself and the other students to quickly gain… Read More
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Filipa Pinto

Despina is a great teacher. I enjoyed doing L1-2 and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to do this life changing course. I also believe this is the most complete and effective massage course I have done. Filipa Pinto… Read More
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Rita Petrova

I am so grateful to Despina for the Ayurvedic Yoga Massage level 1-2 course! I am very satisfied with the course for many reasons. First, the atmosphere was very friendly and supportive. The group was small, we were only 8. We learned theory, then tried to practise and swapped, asking… Read More
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Despina is a 5 star teacher no doubt about it. She is welcoming, personable and very approachable. She is very generous too! Generous with her knowledge, her skills, her time, as well as all the yummy food she provided us with during the level 1-2 training! While she taught the… Read More