Therapist Training Level 1

In Level 1 students find out what Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is and what it can do. We understand what it is that we are trying to achieve, setting the foundations for students to become exceptional practitioners who will help transform people’s lives. The Level 1 training includes:  

Course Description

1. Body mechanics: how to position your body and adjust the techniques to make sure you are working with ease, using your body weight rather than your strength. This will feel a lot nicer to your clients and protect your own body in the long term. Offering AYM feels wonderful for the therapist’s body, you warm up, breathe, move, and even stretch a little, much like an easy yoga practice (videos, and practical training in classroom)

2. Indications and contra-indications (for AYM treatments generally and for each specific technique), and safe and comfortable prone and supine lying positions for the client. Learning when and how clients’ bodies need to be supported, and what positions are appropriate for which clients will help make your treatments safe, effective and enjoyable (videos and practical training).

3. Learning how to respond to the sensations that we get from our hands/feet/other body parts that we massage with. We need to understand what the quality of the tissues that we are massaging is like, how we adjust the surface area and amount of pressure appropriately depending on the aim of the session, and which body parts we can use to provide the pressure that the client needs with ease, without straining any part of our own bodies (practical training)

4. Similarly, we learn to interpret the feedback that we get from the soft tissues when we are stretching, and the client’s feedback, to understand when and how far is beneficial to stretch (practical).

5. Clear and effective communication with the client, including how to do an effective consultation, decide the objectives of the session, and what the session will include to work towards those objectives together with the client; how to read the client’s body language during the session to assess whether the treatment is safe, comfortable and effective; and building a trusting relationship that can help foster healing (videos and practical application in classroom)

6. The pace of the massage needs to be appropriate to client needs, and we also work on paying attention to our own and the client’s energy and breathing during the session (covered in the online introduction but we mostly work on this in the practical part of the training).

7. Massage ethics (1 hour in classroom)

8. Hygiene (videos and practical application)

9. Business skills (videos, if any questions arise during the classroom hours we answer them, plus ongoing support after your training).

What we cover

The practical part of this training is usually covered in 2-3 full days, the online materials are available from 2 weeks before the start of the practical training and for one year afterwards.

  • Learn an initial sequence to effectively massage the back, the most common request for massages, with the client lying face down.
  • The sequence will also cover how to massage the legs, hands and feet, so you’ll feel confident to give a well rounded treatment.
  • An initial introduction to the theory of massage, AYM massage and working with clients professionally. We also include business skills.
  • Leave feeling confident to offer an AYM 60-90min massage.

What we offer beyond the online and practical training

With all of our trainings we offer:

  • Two one-hour mentorship sessions in the two weeks after your training
  • Option to join our amazing value mentorship programme via Zoom, for ongoing support in real time
  • One year access to all training resources online
  • One year free student membership of the Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Therapists Association
  • Easy access to a supportive community of therapists. We invite you to organise treatment swaps with your peers locally (we have therapists practically everywhere in the UK and in a few locations abroad). When you receive AYM from other therapists you get embodied experience, and when you massage other AYM therapists they can give you incredibly informative feedback for your treatments. This is the best way to launch you towards being an successful therapist, with the kind of communication skills and touch that puts your clients at ease, and helps them feel amazing from the first ot the last moment of their session with you.

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What our clients say

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Alistair Findlay, Level 2 Therapist

Just completed the AYM L1 / L2 training with Despina, I loved the relaxed atmosphere and her hands-on approach to teaching. It quickly became apparent that not only was Despina an amazing massage therapist, she was also a natural teacher which allowed myself and the other students to quickly gain… Read More
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Filipa Pinto, Level 2 Therapist

Despina is a great teacher. I enjoyed doing L1-2 and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to do this life changing course. I also believe this is the most complete and effective massage course I have done.  … Read More
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Rita Petrova

I am so grateful to Despina for the Ayurvedic Yoga Massage level 1-2 course! I am very satisfied with the course for many reasons. First, the atmosphere was very friendly and supportive. The group was small, we were only 8. We learned theory, then tried to practise and swapped, asking… Read More
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Silvia Maquirriain, Level 5 Therapist

Despina is a 5 star teacher no doubt about it. She is welcoming, personable and very approachable. She is very generous too! Generous with her knowledge, her skills, her time, as well as all the yummy food she provided us with during the level 1-2 training! While she taught the… Read More
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I first met Despina when I was pregnant and attended a pregnancy massage workshop so my partner could learn some massage techniques to ease some of the discomfort that comes with being pregnant. Despina was able to guide my partner with clear instruction and understanding, he was confident in massaging… Read More
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The course with Despina was life changing for me. I had studied other styles of massage for a couple of years before this course, but I was growing to feel quiet disheartened with it all, restricted by the small number of massage techniques available, and restricted by using a massage… Read More
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The trainer Despina is extremely knowledgeable and personable and I’d really say she goes the extra miles for her students. All the training I’ve done has been a huge learning experience and I feel I’ve gained so much from this experience. I love yoga massage, it’s definitely my favourite by… Read More
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I followed my intuition only when I booked in for Despina’s course and how good that I’ve done! I wanted to improve my massage skill, find this school online and booked in for Level 1. Already on the first day of my training I loved it so much I decide… Read More
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Wow! Such an amazing experience, I learned much more than just a new massage technique, I felt like I spend 5 days in a perfect world, surrounded by beautiful and caring people, amazing vegan food and an a inspirational woman with a such an important mission Despina. From then I… Read More
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AYM will change your life! The best type of massage I’ve ever experienced. Despina and every other AYM therapist I have met are all such warm, compassionate and talented massage therapists. I have just completed my levels 1 and 2 training in AYM and it was an amazing experience which… Read More
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On the first day, there was a moment in time where I was wondering what I was putting myself through. However at the same time, there was something about the learning that was telling me that all I had to do was be patient. I have received great support during… Read More
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I recently completed my level 1& 2 training with Despina and it’s honestly changed my life. The training was very informative and Despina is such a patient teacher and a beautiful soul. The AYM community is so supportive and I feel I’ve made friends for life. It’s been a real… Read More
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Louisa Andrea

I recently completed the Level 1-2 training in Ayurvedic Yoga Massage with Despina and her team. I can honestly say it was an incredible experience. Despina has a very beautiful teaching style and made the group feel relaxed and acknowledged. The pace of learning was great. The lunches provided were… Read More
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Alex Vuillot

I’ve had amazing experiences doing my L1-4 with Despina who brings such depth, warmth and nurture to the whole training. I always leave wanting to come back and learn more! Absolutely recommend. Read More
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Incredibly positive experience for me! Despina and her assistant are such beautiful people with huge experience and intuition -but still keeping humble and on point. Classes are well thought and kept professional without being to rigid or dogmatic. 10/10… Read More
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Since our Glasgow AYM Level 1 course, I’ve been really enjoying practising some basic techniques on several friends. My first client ( very high stress life circumstances! )  fell asleep and relaxed fully, first time I have seen her so relaxed, during a 90 min treatment! I also… Read More
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Despina’s passion for this wonderful massage style shines through in her teachings. She creates a space of safety, kindness and acceptance for her students to learn in as they practice new techniques, and to nurture the changes taking place within. Thank you Despina and Jacqueline for sharing your time and… Read More
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I wanted to share how wonderful everyone is my training group are…it’s rare to be able to turn up as you are, and not worry what people think of you. No judgement, just total kindness and respect. I not once felt uncomfortable or body conscious or felt like I wasn’t… Read More
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Natalie W

I will forever treasure these past five days. I arrived feeling unsure of myself and pretty low to be honest. I’ve left feeling full of purpose and connection to a group of people who are unbelievably special. I feel lucky to have worked with so many of you and am… Read More
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So much love and gratitude all the beautiful souls in my training group. I love that we created a space of safety and trust for everyone to be exactly who they needed to be and I think that’s a really special thing to have been able to share in, so… Read More