Training Level 1 & 2


Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Levels 1-2 is an intensive 38-hour training (minimum), which teaches you an extremely effective AYM sequence, and helps you develop your intuition as to how to adjust the method to suit client needs.

At the beginning of our training students find out what Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is and what it can do, as well as become effective practitioners, and learn how to improve as practitioners in the long term. The Level 1-2 training includes:  

1. Body mechanics: how to position your body and adjust the techniques to make sure you are working with ease, using your body weight rather than your strength. This will feel a lot nicer to your clients and protect your own body in the long term. Offering AYM feels wonderful for the therapist’s body, you warm up, breathe, move, and even stretch a little, much like an easy yoga practice (videos, and practical training in classroom)
2. Indications and contra-indications (for AYM treatments generally and for each specific technique), and safe and comfortable prone and supine lying positions for the client. Learning when and how clients’ bodies need to be supported, and what positions are appropriate for which clients (videos and practical training).
3. Learning how to respond to the sensations that we get from our hands/feet/other body parts that we massage with. We need to understand what the quality of the tissues that we are massaging is like, how we adjust the surface area and amount of pressure appropriately, and which body parts we can use to provide the pressure that the client needs with ease, without straining any part of our own bodies (practical training)
4. Similarly, we learn to interpret the feedback that we get from the soft tissues when we are stretching, and the client’s feedback, to understand when and how far is beneficial to stretch (practical).
5. Clear and effective communication with the client, building a trusting relationship that can help foster healing (videos and practical application in classroom)
6. Massage ethics (1 hour in classroom)
7. Hygiene (videos and practical application)
8. Business skills (videos, if any questions arise during the classroom hours we answer them, plus ongoing support after your training).
9. Advice on efficient use of your resources to help you develop and keep improving as a practitioner after your training (videos, printed resources, follow-up mentorship sessions)

The techniques that we learn in Levels 1 and 2 can be put together to form a sequence that will feel wonderful to clients to receive, and very effective in terms of its therapeutic benefits. It will feel fairly complete as a treatment (clients will feel like they’ve received a full body massage), as we will learn how to massage and stretch practically every part of the body.

After a full body massage you will be able to leave your clients feeling like they’re walking on clouds, and you will be able to help relieve the most common sources of pain, tension and discomfort in the body.

The practical part of this training is usually covered in 5 full days, while the online materials are available from 2 weeks before the start of the practical training and for one year afterwards.

What we cover

  • Learn effective communication skills, how to understand and be able to offer what your clients need
  • Learn the sequence to effectively massage the whole of the body.
  • Confidence to provide an effective massage, and to focus on all of the main areas where most clients need work the most
  • How to set up, organise and publicise your business

What we offer beyond the online and practical training

With all of our trainings we offer:

  • Two one-hour mentorship sessions in the two weeks after your training
  • Option to join our amazing value mentorship programme via Zoom, for ongoing support in real time
  • One year access to all training resources online
  • One year free student membership of the Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Therapists Association
  • Easy access to a supportive community of therapists. We invite you to organise treatment swaps with your peers locally (we have therapists practically everywhere in the UK and in a few locations abroad). When you receive AYM from other therapists you get embodied experience, and when you massage other AYM therapists they can give you incredibly informative feedback for your treatments. This is the best way to launch you towards being an successful therapist, with the kind of communication skills and touch that puts your clients at ease, and helps them feel amazing from the first ot the last moment of their session with you.


Upcoming Events

Location Date Level Book
Leeds, UK September 15, 10:00am - September 19, 5:00pm Level 1 Level 2
Glasgow, UK October 11, 10:30am - October 15, 5:30pm Level 1 Level 2
Aldgate, London, UK November 6, 10:00am - November 10, 5:00pm Level 1 Level 2
Leeds, UK November 20, 10:00am - November 24, 5:00pm Level 1 Level 2
Bristol, UK December 6, 10:00am - December 10, 5:00pm Level 1 Level 2
Aldgate, London, UK March 2, 10:00am - March 6, 5:00pm Level 1 Level 2
Glasgow, UK March 28, 10:30am - April 1, 5:30pm Level 1 Level 2
Bristol, UK June 20, 10:00am - June 24, 5:00pm Level 1 Level 2
Aldgate, London, UK July 9, 10:00am - March 13, 5:00pm Level 1 Level 2

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Just completed the AYM L1 / L2 training with Despina, I loved the relaxed atmosphere and her hands-on approach to teaching. It quickly became apparent that not only was Despina an amazing massage therapist, she was also a natural teacher which allowed myself and the other students to quickly gain… Read More
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Over the past two years, I have attended a weekend intro course, several 4-hour workshops and L1-2 courses with Despina. It has been just been amazing! Her teaching technique which is very hands-on combined with her knowledge and reassurance has given me confidence in my new found skill. I was… Read More