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Alistair Findlay, Level 2 Therapist

Just completed the AYM L1 / L2 training with Despina, I loved the relaxed atmosphere and her hands-on approach to teaching. It quickly became apparent that not only was Despina an amazing massage therapist, she was also a natural teacher which allowed myself and the other students to quickly gain… Read More
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Filipa Pinto, Level 2 Therapist

Despina is a great teacher. I enjoyed doing L1-2 and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to do this life changing course. I also believe this is the most complete and effective massage course I have done.  … Read More
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Rita Petrova

I am so grateful to Despina for the Ayurvedic Yoga Massage level 1-2 course! I am very satisfied with the course for many reasons. First, the atmosphere was very friendly and supportive. The group was small, we were only 8. We learned theory, then tried to practise and swapped, asking… Read More
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Silvia Maquirriain, Level 5 Therapist

Despina is a 5 star teacher no doubt about it. She is welcoming, personable and very approachable. She is very generous too! Generous with her knowledge, her skills, her time, as well as all the yummy food she provided us with during the level 1-2 training! While she taught the… Read More
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Christina Bolt

“I was lucky enough to attend Levels 1-4 in Greece with Despina. Not only is she a fantastic teacher, creating easy to follow content and notes but also a fantastic host. I’ve rarely eaten such wonderful food, the beaches were beautiful, the villages we visited all unique and lovely and… Read More
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Sajni Shah L3-5 L5 L1-4 Chios residential


I’ve really enjoyed every minute of my learning journey with Despina and feel that I have gained so much more than just being able to practice AYM! As well as being an amazing therapist, Despina is an approachable, supportive, attentive and collaborative teacher. Ever since the first workshop I did with her… Read More
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Nawal Careem, Level 4 Therapist

Over the past two years, I have attended a weekend intro course, several 4-hour workshops and L1-2 courses with Despina. It has been just been amazing! Her teaching technique which is very hands-on combined with her knowledge and reassurance has given me confidence in my new found skill. I was… Read More
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Joy Ng, Level 5 Therapist

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Practitioner

If you wish to take Level 5, you’re committing to providing a level of service that goes beyond yourself and your ego. Levels 1-4 prepare you physically in your practice. Going through Level 5 for me is a journey of self-discovery, humility, and attunement to others. We sometimes forget we… Read More
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Marita, Level 5 Therapist

Despina is a very inspiring teacher, she has knowledge, experience, intuition, she makes you feel comfortable, she is caring and she knows how to deliver an effective training and massage. She has the patience to explain the simplest things, her teaching techniques makes you aware of your body, your posture… Read More
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Michelle Owen

I’d been looking for a massage course for a long time before finding Despina. Nothing had felt right before. I was looking for a teacher who was wise, experienced, has a heart for people, and an instinctive way of responding to health and the body. Despina is all of those… Read More
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Jill Blandford

‘I have just returned from completing my level 5 AYM with Despina on Chios. It hard to put into words how wonderful the experience was for me. Firstly, it was so nourishing to be by the sea and enjoy the Greek sunshine. Every day started with some wonderfully… Read More
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I first met Despina when I was pregnant and attended a pregnancy massage workshop so my partner could learn some massage techniques to ease some of the discomfort that comes with being pregnant. Despina was able to guide my partner with clear instruction and understanding, he was confident in massaging… Read More
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The course with Despina was life changing for me. I had studied other styles of massage for a couple of years before this course, but I was growing to feel quiet disheartened with it all, restricted by the small number of massage techniques available, and restricted by using a massage… Read More
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The trainer Despina is extremely knowledgeable and personable and I’d really say she goes the extra miles for her students. All the training I’ve done has been a huge learning experience and I feel I’ve gained so much from this experience. I love yoga massage, it’s definitely my favourite by… Read More
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A wonderful massage experience, I had a massage at the new venue at We Are Wellness. It’s a lovely room, very welcoming, clean and organised, felt super relaxed afterwards. I also did my level 1&2 with Despina, both courses were wonderful! Despina has such a lovely energy to her. The… Read More
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This is the second time I’ve had the pleasure of completing the L1-2 AYM training with Despina. The course is amazing and it was lovely to have an intimate and friendly group in a perfect space. Despina is an excellent teacher who made sure that we were all understanding the… Read More
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I have just completed Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Therapist Training Levels 1-4 with Despina in London and I don’t really know how to put in words increadibly beautiful transformational experience I have just had, so I will mention just few things which make this training outstanding: 1. Despina is a real… Read More
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Eleonora Usseglio Prinsi, Level 5 Therapist

“Training with Despina has been a blessing. She is knowledgeable and created an amazing community of therapists always ready to support each other. The Ayurvedic Yoga Massage technique is truly appreciated by clients and incredibly adaptable to each body and different needs. I couldn’t be more proud of being part… Read More
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Sarah Level 4 Therapist

Before COVID I was working in events and entertainment, mid lockdown I knew that I needed a change in work options for two reasons, less stress and more work potential. I have always wanted to complete a massage course and be able to feel confident with what I was doing. Read More
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I followed my intuition only when I booked in for Despina’s course and how good that I’ve done! I wanted to improve my massage skill, find this school online and booked in for Level 1. Already on the first day of my training I loved it so much I decide… Read More
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AYM will change your life! The best type of massage I’ve ever experienced. Despina and every other AYM therapist I have met are all such warm, compassionate and talented massage therapists. I have just completed my levels 1 and 2 training in AYM and it was an amazing experience which… Read More
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Wow! Such an amazing experience, I learned much more than just a new massage technique, I felt like I spend 5 days in a perfect world, surrounded by beautiful and caring people, amazing vegan food and an a inspirational woman with a such an important mission Despina. From then I… Read More
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On the first day, there was a moment in time where I was wondering what I was putting myself through. However at the same time, there was something about the learning that was telling me that all I had to do was be patient. I have received great support during… Read More
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I recently completed my level 1& 2 training with Despina and it’s honestly changed my life. The training was very informative and Despina is such a patient teacher and a beautiful soul. The AYM community is so supportive and I feel I’ve made friends for life. It’s been a real… Read More
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Just to say the 6.2 training has transformed the way I give treatments. Allowing myself time to work on the parts that need attention even for the whole treatment, rather then thinking the whole body needs to get touched. Watching Despina do the case studies taught me so much. Not… Read More
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Louisa Andrea

I recently completed the Level 1-2 training in Ayurvedic Yoga Massage with Despina and her team. I can honestly say it was an incredible experience. Despina has a very beautiful teaching style and made the group feel relaxed and acknowledged. The pace of learning was great. The lunches provided were… Read More
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Alex Vuillot

I’ve had amazing experiences doing my L1-4 with Despina who brings such depth, warmth and nurture to the whole training. I always leave wanting to come back and learn more! Absolutely recommend. Read More