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Would you prefer to learn a new skill whilst being in the sun, eating great food and making new friends? We are resuming our visits to our beautiful location on the Greek island Chios in spring 2022. We usually offer trainings on Chios in the spring and autumn, when the weather is perfect – not too hot, but hot enough for swimming!

Our residential courses are the best way to learn Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, if you are ready for a full immersion! We always have a great time, and don’t particularly feel like coming back. Whilst in all of our trainings friendships build, in the residential courses it’s that extra element of cooking together, going on excursions on days off and we also practise yoga together in the mornings (optional).

Taking the course as an intensive works really well. We work for about 6 hours per day, so the whole course, L1-4 (find out more about training here) will take two weeks (5 days course, 2 days off, 5 days course), and there will still be a lot of time for exploring the island. 6-hour days mean that the course is still pretty condensed, but it’s workable (any more and we’d get too tired), and we’ll have enough time to head to the beach/hills/a cafe etc in the afternoons/evenings (or some groups prefer to change the timings and take a longer break over lunchtime).

The distinct advantage of intensive courses is that people get to feel quite confident before they start practising on friends/family/clients. Taking the course over a longer period on the other hand, gives the advantage of practising in-between the different parts of the course, and making the most of the later parts as you already arrive with more experience and insight. So think about which of these approaches would work best for you, and contact Despina if you are not sure.

As with all our trainings, we are invested in your success, and you will be supported before, during and after your training. The introductory videos will be made available two weeks before the start of your training, and the full training is also available in video format at no extra cost to students for one year after the end of the training. Small group weekly mentorship sessions are also available on Zoom for £20 per month after your course, so Despina can help you troubleshoot anything that might slow your progress towards launching your successful career as an Ayurvedic Yoga Massage therapist.

The logistics

During the course you will be Despina’s guest, from the time we pick you up from the airport to the time we drop you off. Each student contributes EUR25/day towards the costs of food, bills, fuel, cost of cleaning etc. Food is vegan and cooking/cleaning up afterwards will be shared, to keep the costs down (and students also love learning new, Greek-inspired recipes!). If you would prefer to have a more chilled out holiday experience with more formal accommodation, and more time to rest and replenish, I can also recommend some lovely accommodation for you nearby. You will be surprised by the great value of accommodation prices on Chios, as it’s off the beaten track.

On our days off we can organise guided walks and/or sailing trips or courses and/or scuba diving excursions or courses. Depending on people’s interests there are quite a few galleries/museums, some caves with stunning formations, lots of scenery, forests, beaches, medieval stone-built villages, breath-taking views.. And the sunrises and sunsets over the Aegean Sea are pure heaven. We will be travelling around the island by car, so one of you might need to volunteer to drive, otherwise one of my local friends will join us for the days off. Mostly people in the past have preferred swimming, strolling around medieval villages/areas with interesting architecture, eating at local tavernas and watching sunrises/sunsets on days off.

This investment in your learning, your career and your self care (and vitamin D) is £1250 for the full 4 levels, which can be paid in installments. The contribution to the daily living costs of EUR25/day, so the exact total will depend on the days of your arrival and departure. We would prefer if you could pay for the living costs in one transaction before or during your stay. We recommend not to arrive last minute and plan to leave straight after the training, give yourself a day or two to arrive/prepare for departure. You can book by making a deposit below.

If you would like to only do a different number of levels of training with us then please get in touch and we can make arrangements on how this can work.

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Chios, Greece May 19, 10:00am - May 30, 5:00pm Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4

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Christina Bolt

“I was lucky enough to attend Levels 1-4 in Greece with Despina. Not only is she a fantastic teacher, creating easy to follow content and notes but also a fantastic host. I’ve rarely eaten such wonderful food, the beaches were beautiful, the villages we visited all unique and lovely and… Read More
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When I decided to start a massage course I had no idea where and what I wanted to do. Took me a while to find this amazing massage and a good friend to recommend me Despina as a teacher and a guide into my journey. She is a wonderful person… Read More