Level 6 Parts 1 and 2

We are currently liaising with our interested students to set our 2023 dates. If you would like to be added to the discussion please contact our student support Roxy on 07579 831771.

Level 6 Part 1: Pregnancy & Neuropathic Pain

This course is open for Level 2 and above AYM Therapists.

Suitable for Therapists qualified at Level 2 upwards.You will learn how to adjust what you already know about Ayurvedic Yoga Massage to make it for pregnant clients, and non pregnant clients who cannot lie in the prone or supine (lying on front or back) positions because of health conditions or injuries.

These techniques also work really well for clients with: neuropathic pain originating in the lumbar or cervical spine, conditions of the circulatory system, stress, anxiety, dealing with recent loss or challenging situations in their personal or professional lives, pathologies of the lungs, acid reflux.

Whether you intend on regularly massaging these groups of people or not, having these options will give you confidence to support the needs of most clients that arrive. It also gives you more options and variety for clients who have regular massages with you.

Level 6 Part 2: Working with Neck and Shoulder Pain and Scapulothoracic Syndrome

This course is open for Level 4 and above AYM Therapists.

Suitable for Therapists qualified at Level 4 upwards. A lot of people have neuropathic pain originating from the cervical spine or clavicle area. Despina can teach you what to do to relieve or reduce the pain, to help the clients recover, or move forwards in their healing journey. Also, how to work on the rest of the body, without agitating the affected areas. Plus, a few more amazing AYM techniques that we don’t have time to fit in the previous trainings.

Course Costs

Each Part of the training costs £350, or £300 concessions. So, £700 or £600 concessions for both.

(please see our price structure here, including our concessions policy). Students usually pay a deposit of £100 (see cancellations policy), but if you are in financial difficulty you can apply to pay a smaller deposit. The remainder is payable 4 weeks before the start of your training, or if you are in financial difficulty we can set up a personalised interest free payment plan for you, and you can spread out the payments as much as you need to, including past the dates of your training.

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