CPD Course: Social Media

Using social media to promote your massage business by our social media expert, Jey. This is becoming increasingly important in London, where people are exposed to so much information every day. Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is an extremely effective method, which gives you an amazing advantage as you can help people with so many issues where other methods cannot help; and at the same time you can give wonderfully enjoyable, relaxing treatments that make body and mind feel happy and nurtured. But Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is not yet widely known in the UK, so most of your potential clients will not know it exists. Building up a client base through word of mouth is the best way, but it can take time. If in the meantime you have to pay London rent it means that you need to have another job, that can take time and energy away from your AYM work. So if AYM is your passion, you need to use every means that you have at your disposal in the early days to spread the word about your work. You don't want to end up being exploited by unscrupulous businesses, who will get you clients but at morally reprehensible financial or emotional costs - we have seen that way too often. AYM UK will help you as best we can to spread the word about your business through our website and social media, but the most effective way is if you also know how to promote yourself - and then we can all help each other.

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