CPD Course: Postural assessment and muscle testing

As massage therapists and yoga teachers, how often do people come to you and tell you they have some pain that they would hope you could help them resolve? Accurately determining the cause of musculoskeletal pain is an essential part of helping students and clients live a pain free life. This 2 day course will teach you how to identify postural defects which are often the cause of back, neck, shoulder, hip and knee pain. These will be the most common pains that people have, and they may not even mention their headaches or migraines because they might not know that you may be able to resolve those as well. The second part of the course will be on testing muscles to identify the tight shortened ones and those that are weak, and on identifying the ideal stretches (and the intensity and duration of the stretches) and exercises for those muscles. Massage and yoga help to loosen tight muscles, and most students/clients will feel better after their sessions. In order to help them maintain this sense of wellness it really helps if they can understand the underlying causes of their pain, a large part of which is related to bad posture. For example, people may sit in an office or in a car all day, stooped over computers or a steering wheel. This can cause anything from migraines/headaches, lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain. The course will not only identify these postural anomalies but will also instruct you how to educate and inform your clients on correct posture, for example how to sit on an office chair, the best chair to have and exercises to address those common postural issues. Tight muscles need to be loosened and stretched, and weak muscles need to be strengthened. In this course we will cover a muscle energy technique or MET, which is an effective way of loostening up tight muscles, and could be used as part of massage or yoga sessions. Understanding this will give you an additional insight into the processes through which muscles loosen up.

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