CPD Course: Ethics

This short course will introduce students to ethical theory, bioethics (more specifically, medical ethics) and professional business ethics. The course includes an in-depth look at the Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct for Ayurvedic Practitioners as written by the Ayurvedic Practitioners Association. The course will be delivered via webinar and will include presentation, discussion, and student interaction. The course will be certified with an assessment with feedback. Please be advised that many topics in bioethics can be difficult and should be considered and discussed with care.

John Baldari is a senior graduate researcher in applied ethics at the University of Leeds Interdisciplinary Ethics Applied Centre. The Centre is the primary ethics training entity for the University of Leeds and the Leeds School of Medicine. His current research is on ethical standards and the ideas underlying those standards.

A certificate of attendance will be provided to AYM UK therapists, who can count these hours towards the training for their final qualifications.

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