CPD Course: Anatomy & Physiology

This is a two part course designed to give the AYM therapist a good foundation knowledge in anatomy, physiology and pathology of the human body as part of the AYM therapy training as well as to those already qualified who wish to recap and update their repertoire. An understanding of the anatomy underlying the skin is an essential component of a therapist’s knowledge and practice, so that the you can be confident of what it is exactly you are massaging, the tissues and body systems you are working with and how massage affects them.

Most clients will have one or another health condition, especially musculoskeletal conditions. It’s likely that as a therapist you’ve already come across clients with a number of different health conditions. Ever felt unsure what exactly a condition is, how it would be affected by massage and therefore unsure how to proceed with these clients? Are there any client groups you don’t feel confident working with as a result? The pathology aspect of the course is designed specifically with this in mind, to cover a wide range of common conditions you are likely to face in your practice and how these can be managed within a treatment session. Are these conditions complete contra-indictions or are there ways the massage can be adapted so that you are still be able to give the client a therapeutic and beneficial experience as well as protect you as the therapist? Is massage actually beneficial in some of these conditions in contrast to previous schools of thought? A classic example of this is cancer. Ever wondered exactly what fascia is and its relevance? Or how inflammation and the lymphatic system work? We will work through each of the body systems, covering their normal anatomy and functioning (physiology) to then common conditions (pathology) that arise in each and how to manage them within the therapy session. The course syllabus is based on that outlined by The General Council of Massage Therapists.

This course will be delivered by Dr Charlotte Bamber, a practising A+E and psychiatry doctor as well as Ayurvedic yoga massage therapist. She's a really enthusiastic individual interested in working towards a more integrated and collaborative health care.

Part 1: Anatomy, physiology and pathology of the muscular and skeletal systems
Part 2: Physiology and Pathology of each of the body systems through case based learning
9.30am to 5.30pm both days
Tea, snacks and a light vegan lunch will be provided each day.

For those only able to attend one weekend, the first weekend will focus on the anatomy, physiology and pathology of the musculoskeletal system, with interactive hands on practical work to learn muscle anatomy in a relatable way to the AYM sequence and stretches.

The second weekend will focus on each of the other body systems, their normal physiology and the common conditions that arise, how these might affect the individual and how to approach them within an AYM treatment. These will be delivered in an interactive case based discussion manner. Handouts to take home will be provided for each condition so that you have a folder repertoire of conditions to manage within your treatment sessions.

Following the course you will receive a certificate of attendance. In order to pass the course to form part of the AYM therapy qualified training, 60 hours of anatomy, physiology and pathology are required as well as proof of competency. An optional test can be sat at a later date (to give time to revise following the course) with home study as preparation to make up the full hours. A date will be arranged at the end of the course amongst those wishing to complete this.

£200 per weekend
Payment can be made in instalments for those who would find this beneficial

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