Certified Therapist Training: Level 1

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Level 1 is an intensive 15-hour course, which teaches you an extremely effective AYM sequence. The 15 hours will be covered over a weekend, i.e. two 8.5 hour days including breaks.

Level 1 includes learning a sequence to massage the back of the body with the client lying face down. So we will learn to massage the back, neck and back of the legs with hands and feet, and to stretch the client while lying face down. We will also learn some stretches with the client in a seated position. You can already give people a lovely 60-90min massage just by attending L1.

If you join us for this course it would be highly recommended that you also come to the L2 weekend where we will learn a sequence to massage and stretch the front of the body, and some seated stretches. This will allow you to offer a full body Ayurvedic Yoga Massage.

We also offer a Level 1-2 intensive course, including a minimum of 30 hours' contact time, which teaches you an extremely effective AYM sequence. The 30 hours are usually covered over 5 days, i.e. five 7-hour days including breaks.

Here are the upcoming Level 1 trainings:

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Level 1 & 2 in London

  • 30 July 2018 - 3 August 2018

  • London, UK

  • Level 1, Level 2

  • Early bird price: £600 until 9 July 2018

  • Full price: £650

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