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Giving back to others brings me a sense of fulfilment and is one of the main reasons why I began practicing Ayurvedic Yoga Massage . Further to completing my Level 1 Training with the UK’s widely recognised practitioner Despina Psarra, I continued training on the beautiful island of Chios in Greece where I built on the basics and completed levels 1 to 4 in the first half of 2018.

As a qualified Level 4 Ayurvedic Yoga Massage practitioner, I take great pride in providing bespoke AYM experiences which cater to the needs of each client specifically. Throughout treatments, I apply my own creativity to the skills that I have learnt which enables me to restore a natural state of calmness and manage energy within both the client and me. People often say that giving to others is within my nature and essentially a part of my character, so I am happy that I can now travel around the world and do this through my practice of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage.

I completed my L5 with Despina and started assisting with courses in February 2019.

What our clients say

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“I have experienced probably one of the best massages I have had. It was relaxing and full of strength. Ioana asked me if I had any problem areas that she could concentrate more on. I had a pain on my lower right side of my back and she really took that into consideration. Working thoroughly but carefully on my tender muscles Oana was able to decrease my pain dramatically.

Oana works very delicately and peacefully making sure she is aware of her own strength and how much the client can handle. Oana works beautifully with her clients and I feel she really cares. There is so much passion that she doesn’t even realise that she might have gone overtime! I love the fact that it is not such a ‘traditional’ massage but rather one that we are not quite use to nowadays. Oana brings passion and peace with her and she pushes that onto you. I leave every time after a massage from her feeling incredibly at peace and very calm”

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“When Oana massaged me I had a back pain in one particular spot that lasted for nearly a month and seemed like i would never get rid of. Not only the massage was very relaxing and mind clensing, at the end of the session the pain was gone and hadn’t returned. It’s been 5 months since. It’s a shame i don’t live in the UK to be able to have more sessions.
Oana’s massage was a treatment for my mind, body and soul”

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“Thank you so much for the massage.This is the first time in a very very long time I’ve woken up without a headache”

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“Absolutely incredible massage. Oana has magic hands and amazing patience and devotion. She does a relaxing but intense deep massage. I feel like my aches and pains have all disappeared! All the stiffness after pregnancy and 3 months of brestfeading got me in to a point where I though just with phisioterphy I can get an improvement. I sincerely recomanda Oana for a full body massage specialy as a new mum you’re back and neck are in much need.
I felt so relaxed after I had the message , just as a return from a relaxing holiday . Thanks a lot!”

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“I had the most beautiful massage experience from Oana. From the beginning and throughout the treatment, Oana put me at ease and wanted to ensure I was totally comfortable. She took the time to get to know me, what I wanted out of it, what areas of my body needed the most work. I loved this holistic approach.
The room itself was set up so wonderfully, with sensual aromas that relaxed me immediately and kept me in a tranquil state throughout the treatment. Oana used incredible smelling oils – she let me choice the scents which resonated with my energy; it was fun to choose between such different scents.
The massage itself was so special. Oana has a great strength about her which she takes into her massage. My shoulders and back were very tense, and Oana worked with my pain thresholds to help get rid of knots, which is what I wanted. The rest of massage was deep relaxation which was a fantastic unwinding experience.
I loved the powder Oana used which gave an extra sensation to the massage, and acted like an exfoliator. This was so exciting and different, and helped bring feeling back to parts of my body which were stagnant. My skin felt incredible after!
I am practically insatiable for Oana’s massage technique, and had not felt so relaxed in such a long time. Starting being a bit stressed, to wanting to go straight to sleep after the massage and just chill was fantastic.
I would recommend Oana to anyone looking for a massage – her mix of technique plus her energy, love and care is so magical and rare, and just what you need to ground and reconnect you”

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I had the privilege of meeting Oana at the love shack, a vegan cafe in London. I had recently damaged my lower back being a carer for my mum and helping her to move around. My back would lock and go into spasms which hurt immensely. Oana introduced some ayevedic yoga massage which I had never had or yet heard of. Ioana used different oils on both occasions to work and locate the main root source of where pain was coming from. Oana’s relaxing touch along with stretching process alleviated the pain and gave me considerably more movement. Oana has a very gentle and effective approach to her massage in which she is very attuned to. Thank you Oana, your a healer.

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