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Nora is highly passionate about helping and inspiring others towards living a healthier and more fulfilled way of life. In addition to being an Ayurvedic Yoga massage therapist she is also a yoga teacher, and a practitioner, with a degree in Food Studies and Nutrition.

Since an early age Nora developed a strong interest in health and well-being on all levels and in their promotion through a healthy diet, physical activity and variety of alternative therapies.

After a wonderful encounter with Despina at a well-being event in London, and having experienced the powerful and highly beneficial effects of Ayurvedic yoga massage, Nora was instantly drawn towards this therapy and its application.

‘What makes Ayurvedic yoga massage unique is its holistic approach that allows for both physical and emotional healing. The massage technique, which comprises of deep tissue massage, assisted yoga stretches, and breathing, is a highly effective way for releasing muscle tension, loosening joint stiffness and unblocking energy channels within the body, which help to induce a sense of stillness and opening.’

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What our clients say

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David Bradley

The Ayurvedic treatments I have received from the lovely Nora have been both relaxing and healing. The massage element of the treatment is relaxing and soothing whilst the deep tissue and pressure point therapy works deep into the muscles and fibres that are holding stress and… Read More
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Doncho Burdelov

Nora is kind and extremely good at what she does. She has a very calming effect from the moment you begin talking. Her intuition as a healer is on point times 1000. She also addressed some issues that I didn’t even express verbally. She makes you feel totally comfortable and… Read More
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Geoff Liddy

Having had hundreds of massages, (mostly for medical reasons) over the years for my spinal problems I was keen to have my first Ayurvedic experience.  Nora brings the same enthusiasm and passion to this massage as she does to her very enjoyable yoga teachings. My back and neck received most… Read More
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Jaz Nat Ali

The ayurvedic massage combines stretching and deep tissue massage. I was left in savasana feeling incredibly relaxed – in fact had Nora not sounded a chime I could have easily fallen asleep. The powder on the skin as well as the oil is delightful as it gently… Read More
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Marzia Castelli

It was my first experience of Ayurvedic massage, and now I can say this is one of my favorite kind. Deep and relaxing, a real panacea for my neck/back pains. Nora is professional, intuitive and caring. She knew immediately where my issues were, and when done… Read More
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Valena Tzvetanska

Being a yoga teacher, both training and teaching long hours can leave me not only physically, but emotionally exhausted at times. To give students direction and empower energy, taking time to nourish is a must! Nora has helped me achieve a deep sense of relaxation with… Read More