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I first came across the Ayurvedic Yoga technique three years ago when living in São Paulo, Brazil, where a healer friend gave me a mind-blowing therapeutic massage. I undertook training there with a group of Brazilian women, learning about different bodies and techniques. Over the past few years I have practiced in London, before meeting Despina and training with friends here at AYM London in January 2017 for Level 3.

Tension and release are the fundamental modes that underlie our lived experiences. Tension is exhilaration, vigour, competition, yearning, contraction and climax. Tension must be balanced with an equal amount of deliberate release in order for the body and mind to remain in harmony. Release is tranquillity, acceptance, expansion, and peace – the act of rejuvenating the soil so the crops may rise again in the spring.

I believe that Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is the quintessential practice of release. My engaging, precise deep-tissue massage, fascial manipulation, complementary breathwork and guided mindfulness combine to restore harmony to bodies in tension. Whether you have sore muscles from overuse, stress from work, chronic injury, posture concerns or you just need to powerfully unwind, treat yourself to a massage to re-calibrate, nourish and restore balance.

I am currently training to be a midwife, as well as completing a PhD in medical anthropology. As a result I am confident in treating pregnant women and new mamas, using massage to alleviate pain around childbirth and to improve the entire birth experience.

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