I offer treatments in a Headingley treatment room and I do mobile treatments also- please get in touch to discuss.

I studied Ayurvedic yoga massage levels 1-4 with Despina in September 2021, I immediately fell in love with it and started practising as much as possible straight away. In 2022 I completed my levels 5 and 6, which means in addition to being able to provide pregnancy treatments, I am now a course assistant during the therapist trainings and able to lead our 4-Hour workshops. At the start of 2023 I completed my level 7, enabling me to tailor my treatments to people with a variety of neuropathic pains.

Being able to offer AYM treatments has been life changing for me, as I have been actively looking for the best way to help people feel well in their bodies and minds for many years. AYM feels completely different to all other therapeutic bodywork: it is a deep tissue massage that incorporates assisted yoga stretches and calming breathwork- to encourage the nervous system to relax. It is done on a futon on the floor, which means the therapist can use different parts of their body and their body weight to get the most out of each movement and to get the maximum benefit for the client. There are a huge range of techniques and approaches that can be taken, allowing practitioners to truly tailor any treatment to the client and their needs, from deep pressure to gentle soothing touch, from remedial work to the depths of relaxation, to energising treatments. Each massage is nurturing and always centred around the individual. The assisted stretches, tractions and mobilisation techniques (if appropriate for the client) take the treatments to a whole other level. I absolutely love it and can’t believe how lucky I am that this practice is in my life.

My background is as a carer and support worker. For 15 years I worked with the eldery, people with Autism and with adults and children with a variety of learning, physical and emotional difficulties, including Parkinson’s, Cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, MS, Spina bifida and acquired brain injury. I loved my job, and I learned so much about communication, empathy and empowering others, having had the honour of supporting incredibly beautiful people and their families.

A few years ago, I began to feel I wanted to help others in a different way: to be able to support people with their physical health, comfort and range of movement, to help them to feel more connected to and at ease in their bodies, and to help people to experience a state of deep relaxation which can bring about a sense of balance, peace and wellbeing. This desire led me to massage.

I began training with the NHS Natural Health School (the only NHS run complementary therapy school in the country) in 2019 and studied with them for 2 years, graduating with distinctions in both Therapeutic Massage and Reflexology. This included the study of anatomy and physiology. I learned a great deal on these courses, but I felt frustrated by the strain massaging on a table placed on my hands and my body. This led me to search for techniques that were better suited to me, and I found what I was looking for in AYM- and as soon as I found these incredible ways to work that are much more comfortable for me the treatments began to feel more effective for the clients too.

I fully intend to dedicate my life to helping people feel well through AYM.