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I studied Ayurvedic yoga massage levels 1-4 with Despina in September 2021, I immediately fell in love with it and started practising as much as possible straight away. In September 2022 I completed the levels 5 and 6, which means in addition to providing Pregnancy treatments, I am now an active course assistant during the therapist trainings and able to lead our 4-Hour workshops. I continue to attend weekly mentorship sessions with Despina to keep improving and understanding the technique on a deeper level.

Being able to offer AYM treatments has been life changing for me, as I have been actively looking for the best way to help people feel well in their bodies and minds for many years. AYM feels completely different to all other therapeutic bodywork: it is a deep tissue massage that incorporates assisted yoga stretches and calming breathwork- to encourage the nervous system to relax. It is done on a futon on the floor, which means the therapist can use different parts of their body and their body weight to get the most out of each movement and to get the maximum benefit for the client. There are a huge range of techniques and approaches that can be taken, allowing practitioners to truly tailor any treatment to the client and their needs, from deep pressure to gentle soothing touch, from remedial work to the depths of relaxation, to energising treatments. Each massage is nurturing and always centred around the individual. The assisted stretches, tractions and mobilisation techniques (if appropriate for the client) take the treatments to a whole other level. I absolutely love it and can’t believe how lucky I am that this practice is in my life.

My background is as a carer and support worker. For the past 15 years I have been working with the eldery, people with Autism and with adults and children with a variety of learning, physical and emotional difficulties, including Parkinson’s, Cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, MS, Spina bifida and acquired brain injury. I love my job, and I have learned so much about communication, empathy and empowering others, having had the honour of supporting incredibly beautiful people and their families.

A few years ago, I began to feel I wanted to help others in a different way: to be able to support people with their physical health, comfort and range of movement, to help them to feel more connected to and at ease in their bodies, and to help people to experience a state of deep relaxation which can bring about a sense of balance, peace and wellbeing. This desire led me to massage.

I began training with the NHS Natural Health School (the only NHS run complementary therapy school in the country) in 2019 and studied with them for 2 years, graduating with distinctions in both Therapeutic Massage and Reflexology. This included the study of anatomy and physiology. I learned a great deal on these courses, but I felt frustrated by the strain massaging on a table placed on my hands and my body. This led me to search for techniques that were better suited to me, and I finally found what I had been looking for in AYM.

It is fascinating how, as soon as I find ways to work that are more comfortable for me, the treatment immediately feels more effective for the client too. I have received some amazing feedback from my clients! I fully intend to dedicate my life to helping people feel well through AYM.

What our clients say

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Alison, Yoga teacher and AYM therapist

Aym with Jacqueline left me feeling completely rested & relaxed – Just what was needed after a busy week for both my mind and body. The use of powder combined with the oil not only did my muscles feel more relaxed but my skin felt great too.  The treatment held a place of calm & peacefulness that provided the escape that we all need from time to time. I would certainly recommend a treatment with Jacqueline.

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Anna, NHS manager and reflexologist

I had never had this type of massage before so did not know what to expect, but Jacqueline explained everything thoroughly before we started. Her calm approach helped me feel comfortable and relaxed. The treatment was fantastic, like nothing I’ve ever had before. I felt more connected to my body and achieved a deep sense of relaxation. The whole experience felt soothing and nurturing, and by the end of the treatment I felt a deeper connection to my body and senses. For anyone looking to improve their health and well-being, I would encourage you to try this treatment and therapist

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Hannah, Support Worker and Sports Massage Therapist

Jacqueline is a very professional and attentive therapist. Today I received the Ayurvedic yoga massage from Jacqueline. This is the first time I’ve ever had this treatment. I was struggling with tension in my upper back muscles and lower back pain. Jacqueline gave the perfect pressure and showed great attention to detail in making sure the environment felt relaxing using relaxing aromas in the back ground etc. Jacqueline also used stretches on some of these stretches I instantly felt relief in my problematic areas. After the treatment Jacqueline gave great aftercare and my shoulder blades already felt so much looser and more open than they did before. I would highly recommend this treatment and Jacqueline, it is very relaxing and Jacqueline has a great caring and holistic nature.

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Hannah, University Student

I saw Jacqueline for an Ayurvedic massage treatment and it was complete bliss, time stood still. She’s clearly a highly skilled and knowledgeable therapist who had keen insight into the sources of any aches and pains I’ve been dealing with and knew just which areas of the body needed work. Her warm friendly nature made her really easy to talk to while also making me feel assured that I was in the hands of a professional. From the beginning she took the time to make sure I felt comfortable and to understand me and my needs. She really listens and provides a personalised treatment to fit your concerns. Throughout she was extremely attentive, with time and pressure adapted to suit areas of my body, and created a calm, peacefully quiet atmosphere as I relaxed and meditated on the experience. The room felt lovely and comfortable and the temperature was perfect, as were the herbal powder and oil which also smelt and felt beautiful. Jacqueline’s exceptional knowledge and aftercare advice left me feeling nurtured and looked after. I felt she truly cared about ensuring her clients receive the best possible treatment and I left feeling restored and untroubled, like an actual weight had been lifted as I floated off down the street. I slept well that night too which is amazing as someone who struggles (to put it lightly) with sleep. I don’t think the word massage truly does justice to this treatment, it’s a whole holisitic experience carried out by a highly skilled practitioner which left me feeling totally relaxed and balanced in both body and mind. Would wholeheartedly recommend

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Jess, Massage Therapist

I would 100% recommend Jacqueline! Her calm and nurturing nature made me feel instantly as ease when I arrived for my treatment. She was very knowledgeable about Ayurvedic Yoga Massage and helped me to understand what to expect from the treatment beforehand. The relaxed but professional way she went about this and the safe space that she created made me feel completely at ease, as sometimes I personally feel quite vulnerable initially when I try a therapy that is new to me. I got the sense that she has something that can’t be taught – she is intuitive and empathetic in the way that she works. I felt that Jacqueline really listened to me when I spoke to her about my stress levels and the trouble I was having with my back, and she communicated with me throughout the treatment to see which techniques were useful to me and to determine when the stretches were right for me. During the treatment I felt very joyful (- I even started laughing at one point!) and floated home on a cloud afterwards. I felt amazing the following day and in the days that followed I noticed a real easing in my physical symptoms such as the pain and tension in my upper back and shoulders and I also noticed a huge improvement in my mood. Thanks very much Jacqueline, I can’t wait to come back for another treatment soon!

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Julie, Anon

I was having lower back/ hip problems and I was in a lot of pain at the time, this was causing me to limp. I was made to feel welcome when I arrived. The treatment was tailored to my needs and carried out in a tentative and professional way. After the massage I was in a lot less pain and the following day I only felt a twinge in my back with no pain in my hip and I could move freely again. Excellent massage, would definitely recommend.

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Lauryn, Research Assistant

I went to Jacqueline having had massages before however this massage was like none other I’ve ever experienced before. While the massage and the surroundings were very relaxing I didn’t feel drained and out of body afterwards which is how I have felt with other treatments I’ve had in the past. I felt energised and more connected to my body than ever before.
I had discussed my issues with Jacqueline and they listened to my concerns and suggested some moves that we could do to help alleviate the pain in my wrist and the tension in my jaw and shoulders. All of the moves helped me a great deal and I am still feeling the effects of it weeks later. I would definitely recommend Jacqueline for treatments and I have been doing so my friends and family. I will hopefully be back again to have another beautiful experience soon. Jacqueline’s is so intuitive and nurturing she is just the perfect person to have a massage with.

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Leela, Model

Jacqueline is very attentive and welcoming, always offering something to drink when you walk in. She goes to great lengths in making sure I am comfortable and warm enough. With each visit you know she’s listened to your needs and comfort levels as there are little changes to the room. I particularly feel more relaxed with low lighting as I have sensitive eyes which she always makes sure to have. She offers soft cushions and pillows for under the knees, ankles etc. which I love. There’s always soothing music and the lovely smell of essential oils wafting through the air. You really do feel transported into a magical world of relaxation. Jacqueline always checks if the pressure is OK obliges if you need more or less. I always feel like a relaxed goddess afterwards! I’d definitely recommend Jacqueline as a massage therapist 100%.

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Shaneen, Housing Officer

I had a wonderfully relaxing and therapeutic massage with Jacqueline. I completed a health questionnaire and highlighted all of the areas I would like Jacqueline to address and she made sure to mention it in my consultation with her and to address those areas in the massage. She used a wonderful amount of pressure but was gentle in her movements and transitions. I felt safe and able to relax fully with her. I enjoyed the whole treatment and felt deeply nurtured throughout. I felt the benefits of the massage the following day when I noticed my muscles and joints felt more flexible and mobile. I realised how beneficial regular AYM massages are – especially with such a knowledgeable and empathetic therapist. I would recommend Jacqueline to anyone wanting to find a therapist who can provide a relaxing and therapeutic environment and treatment

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Shannen, Vegan catering company owner and chef

I’ve been for massages before but this felt so thorough- physically, spiritually and mentally. Jacqueline is so caring in her approach to massage and I felt so comforted and nourished throughout and after the session. She used pressure point holds which really helped me with specific pains in my forearms, neck, back and shoulders. Jacqueline is so knowledgeable on Ayurvedic Yoga Massage and the body and I enjoyed hearing about specific nuggets of this. I’m under a lot of stress as I have an intense job and this experience was just so wonderful. I would 100% recommend Jacqueline as an Ayurvedic yoga masseuse and I’m eager to book another session with her soon.

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I had my first Ayurvedic massage with Jacqueline and was deeply moved by the experience. The massage had a proud effect on me and took me by surprise! Jacqueline’s care absolutely shines through. I can’t tell you how great the treatment was and how it gave me the strength to deal with something I needed to address.

I was put at ease from the minute I arrived and Jacqueline explained clearly what would happen. The massage was pitched perfectly with just the right amount of varying pressure where it was needed. The physicality of the treatment was powerful and pitched just right. I felt both relaxed and grounded when we finished and a complete connection with Jacqueline. The emotional response was unexpected although we’d talked about this at the start I hadn’t really expected it to affect me. The method is spectacular and I’ve never had such a moving experience. A big thank you Jacqueline.

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My first massage with Jacqueline was a truly wonderful experience. She consulted me beforehand to see what I wanted from the experience and made every effort before the massage to make sure I was comfortable. I was very quickly put into a state of deep relaxation and by the end of the session I had transcended into an out of body experience. It was only when she spoke to tell me the session was over that I returned to the room and I felt utterly relaxed and at peace with my body. I will certainly be returning for another one very soon!

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Jacqueline is a very gifted massage therapist, she has such a caring energy, I instantly felt welcomed and at ease. She tailored the experience to make sure it would serve me best. I felt nurtured and it helped me to connect more with my body (both physically and emotionally). I felt rejuvenated afterwards and still very relaxed…. I floated all the way home feeling a great sense of contentment

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I have had many massages in my life, but never have I experienced anything as wonderful as Ayurvedic Yoga Massage. And Jacqueline is truly wonderful. She was very caring, listened to my needs and very thorough. You can tell she really loves what she does, and she wants you to have the best experience too.

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​​I absolutely adored my yoga massage with Jacqueline. I’m rather crooked-boned and inflexible so, whilst I was very keen to try all the stretches, she made me feel incredibly at ease to communicate with her which movements were my favourites. As someone who’s a little body conscious, I also felt wonderfully comfortable. I was on cloud nine for the rest of the week and cannot wait to return!

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I’m a regular at having massages, but new to the Ayurvedic yoga massage world. Since receiving a full body Ayurvedic yoga massage from Jacqueline my perception of how my body and mind can feel after a massage has changed. Not only does Jacqueline’s caring and soft nature help towards the healing sensation afterwards, the techniques used during the session feel curative like in physical therapy. My muscles feel restored to their natural placement and my mind feels at peace. I’m now wanting to receive a Ayurvedic yoga massage from Jacqueline regularly to balance out any of my muscle fatigue from exercising, as well as the negative effects from working at a desk and bad postural habits. I would highly recommend trying this unique, remedial and harmonious massage from Jacqueline.

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