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Masters of Craft Ltd, Blenheim Terrace, Woodhouse, Leeds, UK



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After I completed school I was due to continue my studies in beauty and massage therapy but out of my control I got diverted into another career. Twenty years later it seems the universe has guided me back to my true calling.  I’ve known all along that in my life I just wanted to be able to help others but didn’t quite know how this would manifest. On my journey I realised the path I took was to heal myself first and then offer this healing to others. 

The power of touch alone has incredible benefits on the body and mind but combined with breath and energising stretches, AYM offers a massage experience second to none and resets the body to aid self healing.  

Many people don’t prioritise themselves or their bodies enough but it is our vehicle to get us through life. It is the container which holds everything physical, mental, emotional and ethereal. This is why it it vital for us to care, love and nurture our bodies. Healing begins at this physical level and works through to the deeper, more subtle layers. The beauty of AYM is that it can take you through all of these layers, especially with regular sessions. So, whether you require remedial work or relaxation and de-stress, all sessions are tailored for your requirements.  

As a yoga teacher and sound healer, many of my massage clients enjoy a fusion of my offerings, with the most popular being the inclusion of the Goddess singing bowl placed on the body. 

For me, I love being a part of the clients experience, really “feeling them” by feeling into my own body and seeing their faces after a session and looking completely renewed.

My availability is usually Monday and Friday, however I can flexible with enough notice, so please complete the forms and get in contact. In addition to 60 and 90 minute treatments, I also offer 75 minute treatments priced at £70.

I am based at Masters of Craft, 16 Blenheim Terrace, Woodhouse, LS2 9HN. Please note that I currently only work with female clients.

Massage Special Offers

I offer new clients 25% discount on 75 minute treatments.

What our clients say

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I slept really, really well, no restlessness at all. Also, my S.I. joint was completely alleviated –  I started to feel it a teeny bit today – but that is an incredible result and the first time for goodness knows how long that all tension from there has lifted. It gave me hope that over time the area will ease and not something permanent that  I ‘just have to get used to’, so I will definitely return. 

I honestly felt physically free of any muscular or joint stress, and kept walking around thinking where’s the pain gone??

I’m so grateful for your generosity and kindness in how much you gave in the session.  The sound healing is gorgeous too and rippled down into my chakras – heaven ! It’s a very personal and sensory experience so I thank you for tuning into my physical and emotional needs and helping me heal.

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Singing Teacher

Emily’s massage is truly nourishing and healing. She seems to understand my body so well and instinctively knows how to relieve tension, stress and get to the heart of my needs. The techniques she uses obviously come from much training, experience and knowledge of the AYM tradition. I felt relaxed and myself afterwards….and hadn’t realised quite how much I needed it. Highly recommended by me!

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After trying various other therapies to relieve pain in my left arm and hand when playing guitar (I am a musician), it wasn’t until Emily worked on it that I had a pain free gig! Since then, Emily has helped me massively with my hip and even my breathing capacity. Pretty life changing stuff. Em has an amazing ability to feel into what is needed and help de-stress and heal the body and mind. Five stars from me, highly recommend

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Yoga Teacher

Emily is a beautifully down to earth and heart in right place type of person, coupled with strength of character and a deep interest in all healing modalities.

I totally recommend Emily for a great Ayurvedic massage. I particularly love the Ayurvedic with  sound bowl massage as I know the depth of the release from the massage will be enhanced with the vibrations from the bowl.

On request, Emily can do the massage at your house so you can go from heated blanket and lovely massage, to your own place of comfort afterwards which can really add to the opportunity to gain the benefits of immune boosting, tension releasing, holistically  balancing body mind and spirit.

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Thank you so much for an amazing experience with Ayurvedic Massage! It was fantastic and your energy is amazing. Truly healing hands! I will definitely be booking again and will bring my mum too.

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