Jaroslava Tomanova, University Student 

Great experience! I attended the Head, neck and face workshop and definitely would recommend it. It made me very excited to give more massages to my friends and family and learn more. I have no previous experience with learning massage technique (apart from nice looking youtube videos). I think Despina is a great teacher. The 4 hour workshop was well structured and planned, we had time to receive some theoretical knowledge, watch her demonstrate the technique, practice on each other and share our reflections and feedback at the end of the session. Very impressive planning I think! She brought a printed guide with photos and instructions for everyone – which I loved (you can take your own notes or write directly in the guide). She brought shared lunch so we had time to socialize, eat and get to know each other little bit more. I really liked her open approach to everyone’s own techniques, tastes and needs. Overall fantastic experience.


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