“I had my first Ayurvedic yoga massage with Tali nearly a year ago and the effect it had on me was deeply powerful, so much so that I am now working with Tali regularly, receiving ongoing support through her tailored healing massages- in my case releasing tension that I hold in my chest and womb. I talk to Tali freely and this in itself is a cathartic experience. Her grace and her willingness to listen as intently as she does, prepares my mental and physical state for the massage. Her approach is strong yet sensitive, concentrated but mindful of every part of me and its need for healing. She urges me to connect deeply with my emotional, spiritual and physical state. I release so much tension and feel a far greater sense of ease throughout the massage and afterwards. Since working with Tali, I have a clearer less clouded view of the world and the space around me. I am beginning to face my inner anxieties in a way that I could not access before and for that, I am eternally grateful. I feel blessed that I have connected with Tali and her practice. I strongly recommend work with her if you are looking for mental clarity and a physical release with a sense of empowerment afterwards.”

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