I have known Alison for several year’s and been fortunate to benefit from her calming breathing sessions and wonderful gong baths. As lifelong insomniac, I still use her breathing techniques to focus and help clear my mind before sleep.

Recently Alison came to my home to give me a back and shoulder massage. I had been feeling some aches and tightness in lower back and left shoulder. She brought all her equipment and oils and set up very efficiently. She was very reassuring, explaining what she was going to do and even incorporated some breathing practice at the start, win win for me!

Using the oils as well as powder gave two very different experiences, but I have to say this was wonderful and I loved the more  textured massaging with the powder. The shoulder treatment and just right amount of pressure almost instantly relieved the tightness. Alison did some great massage on my lower back, concentrating on outer hips and this was so relaxing and eased the aches I had considerably.

This was a wonderful experience Alison thank you, and I’m looking forward to further treatments and would highly recommend you to my family and friends.

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