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Azzurra Nonni

  •  London

  •  Level 4

  • Weekday daytimes, weekday evenings, weekends

  • Client’s home, treatment room

  • 75 - for 60 mins (Concessions available)

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I am a 200 hours qualified yoga teacher and have practised Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa and Mysore yoga for the past 10 years. After training in many massage styles such as Shiatsu (Italy), Raindrop massage (London) and Therapeutic massage (India), I fell in love in Ayurvedic Yoga massage and now wish to share its deep nourishing effects with as many people as I can!

I came to yoga and massage after struggling for many years with a lot of psychosomatic issues, a broken knee and Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which I managed to eliminate through the combination of healing techniques (mainly herbs, yoga, meditation and food therapies). Thanks to all these past issues, I developed a strong sensibility, which I use to ‘listen to’ the body and mind of the person that I’m treating. I customise the treatment as much as possible and I focus especially on alleviation of pain and producing long-lasting physical and mental relaxation. My continuous yoga practice contributes to this with a solid first-hand understanding of internal and external body processes.

In my free time I love cooking all sorts of healthy and tasty stuff, walking/hiking/cycling especially in nature, and reading about philosophy. Playing some music and travelling are big favourites too!

Azzurra completed her L1-2 with Despina in November 2016, and her L3-4 in February 2017.


I am based in North-East London (E11/Stratford) and I practice yoga daily around Victoria station, so I can reach you pretty much wherever in the London area. We could also arrange a session at my place or close to your place (this would increase the cost according to the charge for renting a suitable space.


  • £75 for 60 mins
  • £90 for 90 mins
  • £60 per hour for 120mins or more

Concessions available.


Had many massages in India in the run up towards my appointment with Azzurra as I just returned from India and I can say hers was the best. She’s very sensitive as she works and you get the sense that she’s judged and adjusted the practice to exactly what your body needs. There are many other great aspects but I won’t go into them as you must find out for your self, I would recommend azzura to any one whether you need physical or mental rejuvenation, you’ll get both anyway! Also another plus was that yoga was a breeze after, so good for flexibility! Would highly advise to book a longer session and to take a lot of time to relax after and let the full benefits sink in. Super rewarding, booking another session sooon!!

Alexandra Moncreiffe, Model

Azzurra has a great understanding of the body and how to meet its conscious and unconscious needs, I felt completely reinvigorated for days afterwards and can thoroughly recommend the systematic approach, professionalism and bespoke dimension of her massage and treatments.

Paul F., Geography Teacher

Having an Ayurvedic Yoga Massage with Azzurra is a SUPERB experience. It’s not the usual massage where you’re never really sure how much the masseuse understands the complexity and layers of the body: it’s a really rich experience and I felt WONDERFUL during and after. My back was in much need of some TLC and it got TLC by the bucket load. Azzurra is incredibly attentive and detailed and thorough and I felt deeply cared for and looked after. Her energy is warm and she has so much heart. The massage – which can not be compared to a ‘standard’ massage was strong (not at all overwhelming – just really GOOD), and felt deeply blissful.My massage was a couple of weeks ago and it feels like the really long build up of tension has been dislodged and dissolved – I don’t have any of the aches and pains and stiffness that had been accruing in my muscles and tissues. From a practical perspective it was a real bonus for someone to come to me – something about that already makes it much more of a personal unique experience rather than being churned through a clinic. I am so delighted to have discovered AYM and Azzurra. The standards for excellent massage have been raised considerably as a result. Thank you.

Heidi Jackson

I would highly recommend Azzurra for an Ayurvedic Yoga Massage. I had the most amazing massage with her. It was truly one of the best massages I have ever had!! She is very attentive and caring, with very good technique and skills. She has strong hands which can give very good pressure where needed. I look forward to my next massage with her and will definitely be booking my next massage very soon!!

Hayley Mitchell, Kinesiologist





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