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Andrea Lepore

  •  Barcelona, Spain

  •  Level 4

  • Weekday evenings, weekends

  • Client’s home

  • 60 - for 60 mins (Concessions available)

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I am originally from Argentina but have now been based in London for more than three years. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, and have worked in different areas and backgrounds. I’m now currently working in education with children with special needs and volunteering with young refugees. I am also a tango dancer with a passion for music and have practised different styles of yoga for many years.

I believe that the connection between body, mind and spirit can facilitate an easier and balanced life. I consider myself a very compassionate and positive human, and have always been interested in human energy and a natural way of healing.

After I completed a Level 1 Usui Reiki and a foundation course in Thai Massage I then connected with Ayurvedic Yoga Massage in one of Despina’s workshops in London, and had a very positive experience. This made me want to continue learning through more trainings, and to share what I have learned.

I really enjoy giving and receiving Ayurvedic Yoga Massage because I believe that it facilitates a connection with the inner self, enhances relaxation and promotes a happier and healthier lifestyle. I also use my intuitive skills to know where the healing needs to happen and then apply the AYM techniques to facilitate it.

I give massages in client’s homes. My availability is during evening at weekdays and during the day on weekends.


I am based in  Barcelona, Spain


  • €60 per 60 mins
  • €90 per 90 mins
  • €60 per hour for 120 mins or more

Rates may vary depending on travel distances.

Concessions available.


Tel: +34-691162297



“What a divine massage! I was lucky enough to have Andrea treat me on Sunday 26th February. I went along with no prior knowledge of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage at all – but a lot of Sports Massage experience. And I am happy to say it felt just as effective as a Sports Massage – Andrea was very thorough, firm and calming. I actually found myself switching off mentally – which is something I very rarely do ever! I felt like I had a complete body relax and my mind felt rested. Andrea is a very warm and kind person – and I cannot recommend her enough, book her! Thank you Andrea and Ayurvedic Yoga Massage for such a blissful experience.” – Elisabeth J.

“Amazing Massage with Andrea! I highly recommend her to everyone, especially to those who spend long hours in the office, train intensively or just simply look for a great way to relax. I had one hour session with her, during which I relaxed completely. Andrea is a professional, her touch – firm, and her instructions are clear. When the tension in my muscles disappeared, I forgot about all my stress and felt like a newborn. It was a wonderful experience. The best massage ever I’m sure I’ll soon call Andrea again. She’s got golden hands.” – Ewelina Patkowska

“Hello, this is to share the wonderful experience I had while having a massage with Andrea. She first created a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, I could almost say that her inner self prepared for that moment. She put relaxing music and explained what she was going to do. She showed great care while doing the massage, focused on what she was doing, relaxed, and strongly confident. She used the exact amount of strength for what I needed in that moment, so I didn’t have more pain for days after the massage. Her hands were warm, like transmitting energy, and she also used her feet, which was new for me compared to the massages that I received before. I felt my muscles not only relaxed, but as if they were refreshed on the inside. I didn’t want the massage to finish and I’m willing to receive more massages from her… and I hope to receive them soon!” – Natalia



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