Professional ethics for massage therapists with John Baldari

John Baldari

John Baldari is an assistant professor in applied ethics at Stratford University. He earned his PhD at the University of Leeds Interdisciplinary Ethics Applied Centre for Excellence, the premier ethics training institution in the UK. He has been teaching ethics since 2008 to a variety of professionals, including medical personnel (including massage therapists), engineers, military personnel, and scientists.

In addition to teaching, John is an accomplished ethics researcher and has penned the standards of ethics for companies in both the US and the UK. As a long-time client of massage therapy, he also brings a practical experience to his courses with AYM UK that can help bring theory to practice.

A standard ethics course through AYM UK will include an introduction to ethical theory, a survey of bioethics with a focus on medical ethics, and a familiarisation with ethics standards, especially those of the AYM Therapists Association and the GCMT (General Council for Massage Therapies).

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