Below is a series of videos on Ayurvedic Yoga Massage. We started with three videos showing different aspects of the method, and we also made a shorter mixed video to give an overview of what’s involved. Of course there’s so much more!

Footage by Juliana D┼żelalija, music by Nick Banks, Daze Audio. You can purchase the music here.

A short video with snippets of three massage sessions to give you a quick overview of what’s involved in AYM. We were in Mysore when we shot these videos and most of my wonderful friends there are really fit and flexible, so the method was adjusted accordingly. But if you are not currently inhabiting a super fit yoga body don’t worry! This method can be adjusted, and works incredibly well for everyone.

Leeah wanted a relaxing session, to help her rest and replenish her energy, so we went for a deep session, but not staying at a level of pressure that she could very comfortably receive. Leeah wanted to focus a bit more on her shoulders. This video shows the back of the body massage, and a bit of the end of session head massage.

Claudia wanted a session to help her rest, but she also wanted some deeper work on her lumbar and shoulders. Again, in this session we stayed well within Claudia’s limits, and we did a few more stretches. This video shows some of the extra stretches, and some of the abdominal work.

Sven wanted some deeper work on his erector spinae, lumbar, shoulders and abductors. He did not want an overly relaxing session, as he wanted to stay energised afterwards. This video shows some of the deeper work.