Certified Therapist Training

Our Certified Therapist Training is a very practical course, which includes 60 contact hours. The 60 contact hours are split into four levels (L1-4), of 15 hours contact time per level. Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is taught as a sequence of massage strokes and stretches. The sequence is very long, so you would not go through all of it in one session, but rather you will be taught to think critically about which parts of it would be most useful for each client.

Students can also opt to participate in reflective practice: keep a log of their practice, reflect on it, and discuss it with the tutor and with other students during and after our Certified Therapist and Diploma courses. The hours of reflective practice can be added on to the course hours on your course certificates.

Certified training courses are small (maximum 10 students with previous experience, or 8 new students), to ensure that everyone can ask as many questions as they need, and get plenty of feedback on their technique. This is important if you are going to be working a lot with massage, not only for improving the massage experience for the client, but also for ensuring that your technique is safe for you in the long term.

The 60 hours of contact time are usually covered in 4-5 intensive weekends, or an intensive 10-14 days.

Here are our upcoming Certified Therapist Training events: